Although at some point they had a feud, today Pampita and Nicole Neumann smoothed over rough edges and maintain a totally cordial bond. In fact, they even worked together, they are currently in the 8 steps, and shared time at various events. Now, the host answered if she was invited to the model’s wedding.

In a very short time Nicole Neumann will say yes with with Manu Urcera And the guest list is very long. There is talk of between 400 and 500 people. In the last few hours, Pampita was asked about this and she wanted to be part of the celebration. She said that she did not invite her and added: “But if you invite me, I’ll go.”

After several years at odds, Pampita and Nicole enjoy an excellent relationship.

In addition, he talked about his current relationship: “We are intelligent, professional and adult people. We can coexist in any job perfectly”. Then he explained that they do not share much in the program Guido Kaczka. “We are not next door”, and assured that in the previous one each one is on their own. “She and I are taking our photos. And then we sit down.”

Pampita revealed what her current relationship with China Suárez is like

It can be said that a lot of water passed under the bridge since that afternoon when pampita caught red-handed Benjamin Vicuna with the china suarez having an intimate encounter in a motorhome during the filming of a movie. That fact marked the end of a relationship of years and the beginning of a new love for him. From a distance, the model revealed what her current relationship with the actress is like.

It was in an interview with the Chilean Velvet magazine where he was asked about the blended family and especially about his relationship with her and with the children he had with his ex: “We are all adults in this family and very careful, very respectful, we always put the boys first.”

Pampita and China Suárez were a couple with Benjamín Vicuña and have children together with him.

We share many moments: schools, birthdays, baptisms, communions, where we all have to be. So we have cultivated a lot of peace so that the boys feel very comfortable and they know that we can all be together in the best environment.” counted.

“I mean, you are a very generous person, did you forgive?” was the question the interviewer asked. And the top model replied: “We are all very generous, we all know that we are family and that we have children, that they are brothers and that we have to be better. We must be an example for them.”

Another question about the link with China was: “When your children go to that house, do you call their mother and ask her to take care of them?” She answered in the affirmative and said that it is very naturally. “Like all separated parents, we communicate with each other. It is necessary since they are very small”, closed about it.

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