pampita (45) broke down in tears The 8 steps of the million -program driving Guido Kaczka in the thirteen- listening to the life story of Mariano Cáseres, the winner of the night.

The participant is a native of Santiago del Estero and participated in the contest with a single objective: to get three million pesos to help his daughter. “I would try to pay for the treatment of my daughter, who is an oncology patient here in Buenos Aires“, he confessed Marian.

Asked by the driver about his situation, the winner explained that the girl is treated at the Garrahan Hospital and took the opportunity to send greetings to the doctors who care for her.

The moment in which Mariano moved Pampita

Minutes after telling her story, Marian confirmed that the little girl was in the studio and that she had accompanied him to offer her support.

Already with emotion on the surface, he appeared Augustine, the other protagonist of this story. Immediately, Caroline Ardohain -who was listening carefully when officiating as a jury- began to cry.

To put the finishing touch to the night, the driver asked the question with which he closes each day and invited them to participate today to go in search of the six million and both Mariano and his daughter accepted the proposal. “What a good dad you have, Agustina!“, finished the driver visibly moved.

Agustina entered the studio to celebrate with her dad.

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