The model and host, Paula Chavez generated a lot of emotion to his followers of instagram after sharing a sweet experience with her daughter, Philip. It happens that the little girl stopped taking her breast and the model showed it with a sweet image in which she dedicated a few words to her daughter and she said goodbye to her from that stage of motherhood.

“Many asked me to tell them a little about how it was… First of all, tell them that each mother-baby is unique, there is no formula for weaning. I had been feeling it a few months ago but I was not 100% sure, it anguished me to think about not have more “baby”, since Fili is definitely our last daughter”, began the post.

Posting by Paula Chaves celebrated with her daughter.  Screenshot.
Posting by Paula Chaves celebrated with her daughter. Screenshot.

Then he continued, “I did a workshop with @danilactancia

very very very nice, where he gave me some tips that helped me so much that I began to think about the idea of ​​a conscious and loving weaning.
They were months of feeling that I was no longer giving, but at the same time knowing that we were not ready yet “

“For me it was the closure of the “Paula mama de bebes”, and that weighed heavily on me, it anguished me. It is a duel that I feel I am going through, one does not stop being a mother, obviously, because mother is all her life , but well the post is that it anguishes me. Until a month ago we began to think and put into words the idea of ​​weaning on her 3rd birthday. And that’s where Fili told me “I want to take the last breast and that my friends “😅, sisi, As you read it … she wanted it to be at her party. The experience of weaning with a thinking person and who reasons hahahaha is spectacular (Balta and Oli were younger, and they still didn’t talk that much)”, she assured .

“And that’s how it was, like holding hands we got into the baseball player and I took her last tit. With laughter, swollen and my friends surrounding me, we closed this stage of love and connection that came to an end on 7/4/ 23. He keeps asking me for a moment and we talk again about what was agreed, replacing by , game, tickling, artistic makeup, hide and seek, little kitchen hahahaha and the 100 activities we do to try to get through these days that are perhaps the most difficult, ” the driver mentioned.

“We are going to miss each other close together, looking at each other, full of love, but a lot of things await us to live, in this new stage of “Grande”. I write and I get excited.
It was 10 years of breastfeeding, I loved giving the boob,” the model concluded.

Paula Chaves confessed the anguish she felt when Filipa’s pregnancy was leaked to the media

The model and driverto Paula Chavez was on a mobile for the program Rodrigo Lussich where he recalled a discussion he had with the driver who gave wrong news about a pregnancy that went through chaves. Furthermore, the wife of Peter Alfonso She stressed that this situation frustrates her a lot, since she does not like the press to tell her important news as a scoop, without her being able to do it her way.

He also explained that when the news leaked that he was expecting Philip was distressed by olivia and how he might find out. “The day the pregnancy of Philip I ran out to look for the school oli, because she was already big and my biggest fear is that a teacher will tell her that she was going to have a little brother. Not being the one who communicates that is something that annoys me, my thoughts are clouded “she explained.

Paula Chaves and Pedro Alfonso with their children.  Photo file.
Paula Chaves and Pedro Alfonso with their children. Photo file.

In addition, the model mentioned a situation that she experienced with lussich, when he assured that she was pregnant with twins and this was not the case. “It seemed strange to me that they gave the news that I was pregnant with twins but they did not call me to ask me. What makes me sick is that they get pregnant or burn the news ahead of time, especially because it was a pregnancy that I later I lost and an intimate photo was leaked,” he closed.

Paula Chaves spoke about what motherhood made her rethink

Fer Dente started his program “Al Dente Night” in America TV and surprised by its level of production and its quality to interview. One of the people who visited him this week was Paula Chavez, who talked about everything last Thursday on the television show. One of the biggest themes she touched on was how her motherhood made her rethink her relationship with her mother.

“Being a mother or a father is very strong, I healed things as a mother, I was able to touch places that I never thought I would reach and I owe that to being a mother, and how motherhood went through me,” began the model and host who She is married to Pedro Alfonso.

Pedro Alfonso and Paula Chaves with Filipa.  Photo file.
Pedro Alfonso and Paula Chaves with Filipa. Photo file.

“I have a lot of respect for childhood, being a mother made me rethink the bond with my mother, she had me at another time in life, when I was 20 years old, and then I understood that she did not have all the tools to be a mother,” she said. the mother of olivia, Balthazar and Philip.

At that moment, Fernando Dente took advantage of it and asked her interviewee how her relationship with her mother was currently. Surprised by the interrogation, the figure was forceful, opened her heart and admitted: “with my mother we went through all the states and I was able to understand many things, over time I was able to heal,” closed the television host who is without a contract.

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