Paula Chavez moved from teleph to The thirteen in one of the main television shows in recent months. One of the first offers he was made was to drive “famous serving hatch“, the full version of celebrities of the cycle that is in charge of Carina Zampini.

Unlike the regular version, that program was an express version that barely lasted two weeks and will end next Sunday at a time to be confirmed. “Last week the teams were assembled and the admission stage took place“He began by saying Paula.

Then the host added: “This week, which started yesterday and we had Silvina Escudero As the first eliminated, we have the chefs on this side of the serving hatch to the celebrities who are cooking. There are issues that make me tense behind the camera“.

“When I spoke to her, she had the best vibes,” said Paula Chaves about Carina Zampini

About his supposed fight with Carina ZampiniThe host said: “We had never crossed each other, it’s not like we had crossed the canal. These things always arise from alleged fights that never even amount to a discussion. I had never come across her and I couldn’t start to analyze if it was strange that the program existed“.

Then, Paula Chavez added: “They called me and told me: ‘Do you want to do the ‘Famous Porthole’ program? It is the format that Carina does with participants who seek to fulfill their dream’I asked why she didn’t do it and they told me she couldn’t because it had double recording and that’s it. I did not start to analyze things that I do not have to analyze, they proposed me to do a two-week program and already“.

When I spoke to her we had the best vibes, she told me ‘Enjoy it because it is a divine team’. She was super loving, but we never met here because when I record she doesn’t record and that“, hill Paula Chavez about his talk with Carina Zampini.

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