In the last few hours, Paulo Londra uploaded a series of stories to Instagram in which he was accompanied by Rusherking and Big One. The meeting lasted “until 9 am,” according to what they themselves said. Apparently the artists stayed up all night making a new song that could be the third crossover from the music producer.

What did you say? Why are you angry? What time is it? It’s 9 in the morning and everybody’s rapping“, the Cordoba singer expresses fun while filming his colleagues with a sleepy face and drinking something that could be Fernet.

Big One was the one who cast doubt as to whether it was a crossoversince he shared the story on his networks with three ice cream emojis.

What are Big One crossovers?

The music producer who is behind the main hits that sound today, premiered on his channel the “crossovers”: collaborations between artists who perhaps are not so related, or who never made a song together. For example, “A weekend” with the guest voices of FMK and Emanuel Noir from Ke Charactersis already a success in the world charts, after the success of “In privacy” with Emilia Mernes and Callejero Finowith which he inaugurated the series.

Everything would indicate that the third edition will be in charge of Paulo Londra from Cordoba and Rusherking from Santiago. These releases feature two mainstream artists from the music scene, resulting in a new and unexpected fusion.

Paulo Londra made history in the Spotify world rankings

paulo londra He obtained the largest debut for an Argentine album in the United States with his recent record material “Back to the game” which entered at #3 in the USA. It also debuted at #2 Global and #9 in the UK.

With this album, the Cordovan returned to the ring after several years without releasing music and achieved the best positioning for an Argentine album in the history of the US division of Spotify. The work, which was published by Warner Music, is in third place in the Top Debut Albums Usa ranking, behind 3860 (When Rondo and YoungBoy Never Broken Again) and Homixide Lifestyle (Homixide Gang).

Paulo Londra is the most listened to Argentine artist in the world

Meanwhile, the Cordovan ragpicker managed to enter second place in the Top Albums Debut Global, placing himself above This is What I Mean (Stormzy, 5th) and from Live at The Filmmore, 1977 (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, 10th).

The good performance of the successor of homerun (2019) also had an impact on the Top Albums Debut UK ranking, in which Paulo is in ninth place, preceded by proper names such as David Bowie, Cliff Richard and Shiva.

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