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Sore neck, or just want to free up space on your desk? Invest in a monitor arm! We have chosen the best VESA-compatible monitor stand models for you.

What are the best monitor mounts?

Having a nice screen, whether gamer or ultrawide, is good, but we have to admit that many of them are a bit sparse in terms of settings. The vast majority are satisfied with a slight adjustment of the vertical angle, and of the height for some.

But don’t despair, monitor stands are here, not only do they allow you to position your monitor neatly, but they also save a lot of space on your desk. They thus have a great aesthetic advantage. It is also one of the essential equipment for a good teleworking office.

If this selection of screens may seem quite limited at first glance, it is intentional. We have excluded cheap, poor quality feet. It is better to spend a few euros more on the purchase than to see your beloved screen break the figure. And a quality stand is an investment: a good Ergotron monitor stand can last almost 15 years without taking a wrinkle.

Looking for the perfect monitor? Read our guide to the best gaming monitors, the best office monitors and our comparison of the best ultrawide monitors. Our beginner streamer guide may also be of interest to you.

Amazon Basics Monitor Stands: like deja vu

We are not always fans of Amazon Basics products, the e-commerce giant is used to taking inspiration from (or even completely copying) successful products to offer a more affordable version.

However, this is not at all the case here since the monitor supports offered here are manufactured by Ergotron, the market reference, and distributed by Amazon. We therefore find excellent manufacturing quality and good cable management at a slightly lower price. Fixing your interface is simple.

However, the whole range is not offered since we only find support models with low columns (simple Where dual screen) and one wall model. Variants black and white also fall through the cracks. The fact remains that despite these few limitations, these supports are by far the best value for money on the market for screens of 32 inches or less. The official Ergotron models are indeed sold for twice as much!

Ergotron HX: support for large PC screens

Have you fallen for a really gigantic screen like one of Samsung’s Odyssey G9s? You won’t be able to use just any foot! Luckily Ergotron, the industry leader in brackets is here for you with this Ergotron HX.

As always with the brand, we find a perfect quality of manufacture and a price that stings. But that’s the price to pay to be sure not to see your screen fall. This model of support for screen exists in fixation Office Where mural.

Tri-screen HX arm: see triple!

Are you looking for a large display area, but 49 inch screens are not for you? Combine three monitors up to a maximum of 24 inches with this mounting bar that attaches to the HX arm. With the combined screens, it is possible to benefit from a panoramic view of 180 degrees.

Be careful though, this screen support costs as much as the original arm.

Apple and the VESA: I love you neither

Because Apple hates doing things like everyone else, Apple-branded devices don’t support VESA by default. It’s all the more unfortunate that the latter often tend to be quite sparse in terms of adjustment possibilities.

Don’t want to spend €460 on an Apple stand to adjust the height of your Monitor? Use the VESA! // Source: FRANDROID – Robin WYCKE

However, if you want to use a VESA stand, there is a possibility: buy a specific version. Apple offers VESA versions of its iMac M1, Studio Display and Pro Display XDR.

You will find them here:

If you bought a regular version of an iMac, there are slightly less elegant third-party monitor stand solutions for the iMac M1 and older 21- and 27-inch iMacs.

Everything you need to know about monitor mounts

What is VESA?

The VESA interface standard is, as its name suggests, a series of standards for attaching a flat screen to an external support. It consists of 4 fixing slots for screws arranged in a square or rectangular manner.

There are 11 variants depending on the size and weight of the screen used. For the vast majority of current monitors you will find a 100 x 100 format or more rarely 200 x 100 mm. In any case, we recommend that you consult the technical data sheet of your screen before buying a stand.

How do I know if my screen is VESA compatible?

The vast majority of screens have VESA mounting points, but we always recommend that you check before checking out. To do this, look at the back of your screen: you should see 4 screw threads about ten centimeters apart. If you can’t see them and your screen has a removable stand, remove the stand. There is indeed a good chance that the fixing points are hidden there so that the support can slip there.

PC screen support: the desk or the wall?

Two types of screens dominate the market, on the one hand those which come to be fixed on a desk and on the other those which cling to the wall.

For the vast majority of users, we recommend a desktop model. Not only are they significantly easier to install (just screw in a clamp), but they are also easier to reuse.

Wall-mounted models, on the other hand, take up less space and can offer a more elegant installation. On the other hand, it will be necessary to play the drill.

I lost my screws, which one should I replace them with?

You bought a second-hand stand or simply lost the bag of screws for it. No worries, these are standardized. For each of your monitors, you will need 4 x M4 pan head screws 10mm long. If absolutely any type of fingerprint works, we recommend that you use Allen or Torx to simplify your life during assembly.

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PC screen stands: the best VESA feet in 2022

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