Pedro Alfonso He confessed how he found out that his daughter Olivia, his eldest daughter, the result of his relationship with Paula Chaves, had been born 9 years ago. A time when social networks were not yet so installed and it was more difficult to communicate.

A guest on the Fer Dente program on América TV, the actor and producer was surprised by the following question: “Is it true that Pedro Alfonso found out about the birth of his daughter Olivia through the Crónica channel?

Yes it’s true“He acknowledged between laughs, although He clarified well how everything had happened. “How was this?” the driver wanted to know. “Yes, it’s tremendous because it’s true. We arrived at the clinic, it was going to be a natural birth and it ended up being a cesarean section. They took her to Pau, everything had been somewhat unforeseen. They took me to a locker room, they gave me the cap. I was waiting and no one came looking for me“, he recalled.

Pedro Alfonso and Paula Chaves with their children

Then, alfonso added: “At one point, I said: ‘I’m going to see the cell phone.’ And when I look, I see on Twitter a red plaque that said: ‘Olivia Alfonso was born!’ And I was still there in the locker room, as if saying ‘nobody came looking for me’“.

tempted to laugh, teeth he narrowed: “(Half stack), boys, I’m the father“. Finally, Pedro clarified that he was able to accompany Paula at the birth and concluded: “It was just like that. Later, what happened is that he hadn’t been born yet and the nurse came and asked me to accompany him.. But hey, those of Chronicle They must have seen that we had entered the clinic, that it was imminent, and they spread the news”.

Paula Chaves and Olivia Alfonso surprised with a fun makeover

The popular model and television presenter Paula Chaves caused a stir on social networks after sharing a video on her networks where she and her daughter Olivia Alfonso appear with their hair dyed in bright colors. Finally, it was a joke they made with an Instagram filter.

In the pictures, Paula and her girl can be seen with hot pink hair. The post quickly went viral, generating a large number of comments and reactions among the model’s followers.

“I love it. It looks real. Don’t we do this hair?”, said Pedro Alfonso’s wife while recounting how she felt about the flu state in which she entered these last days. However, Paula takes advantage of her rest time to spend time with her family and play creatively with her children.

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