Since ancient times, the phases of the Moon have been taken into account for different human activities such as agriculture, fishing, and even to cut hair or perform other beauty treatments.

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Astrologers explain that, Just as the Moon influences the Earth’s tides, it also exerts a magnetism on humanswhich are made up mostly of water.

Having said the above, we will tell you which are the ideal phases of the Moon to cut your hair, depending on what you need: strong growth or accelerated growth.

When to cut it so that it grows stronger?

According to the web portal ‘Lecturas’, lThe days in which hair grows the fastest are those that are within the root periods. By cutting it at this time, your hair will grow strong and healthy again.

The best days in May 2023 to get strong hair are:

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Depending on the phase of the Moon in which your hair is cut, it will grow fast, strong or abundant.

From Monday 1 to Wednesday 3: From the beginning of Monday to Wednesday at 12 pm you can take the opportunity to cut your hair and thus strengthen your roots. it is considered an ideal season to go to the hairdresser if you feel that you have fragile hair.

Thursday 5: After a day of rest, between 4 and 10 am it is again favorable to cut the hair to strengthen it. If he says that this date is ideal to heal him.

From Monday 29 to Wednesday 31: starting at 6 am on Monday until the end of Wednesday, it will be conducive to go to the hairdresser to strengthen the hair. The hair will get strength from the roots.

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When to cut it so that it grows faster?

During leaf periods, hair grows fasterIt is for this reason that if you want to have it longer, this may be a good time to visit the hairdresser.

The best days in May 2023 to achieve accelerated growth are:

From Saturday 6 to Monday 8: from Saturday at 7 to 11 pm on Monday is considered a good time to stimulate rapid hair growth.

From Wednesday 24 to Thursday 25: starting on Wednesday at 1 pm until 6:00 pm on Thursday, the hair will grow faster. That is why a visit to the hairdresser that stimulates this growth will help to achieve long and stylish hair.


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