Gerard Piqué continues to be the target of criticism. The former Barcelona player, who traveled to the United States in recent days to see his children and supposedly seal a pact with Shakira, has been highly criticized in recent hours by his ex-partner’s fans and, also, by his fans. new girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí.

Apparently, as read on social networks, an image of the former Catalan defender with another woman It would have made the followers of Martí and those of the singer from Barranquilla feel on the same side for the first time.

‘Pique, with another woman’

Clara Chia, Piqué and Shakira.


Screenshot, @Shakira

An image has gained echo on the Internet in which Piqué appears sitting on a sofa next to a young American, who apparently wears the shirt of one of the City Football Group clubs.

In the image, only Piqué can be seen smiling while the woman poses for a photograph.

What seems to have attracted attention in Shakira’s fan groups, and also in those of Clara Chía, is the message shared by the woman who took the photo.

“When you sit next to Piqué, but you wait for him to get distracted to take a picture of you”
said the young woman, whose identity is unknown.

“Yesterday, an anonymous anchor sent me this image where we can see Piqué very comfortable with a blonde who is clearly not Clara Chía”is read in a text superimposed on the photo.

(Also: Clara Chía would not be saved: Shakira’s unexpected reaction “damages Piqué’s plans”).

Although on both sides they say that the scene is “shameful”, the reality seems to be that the woman in the photo is just a fan of the former player. But Piqué, in networks, is not ‘forgiven half’.

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