Three and a half months after being chosen as the winner of Big Brother, Marcos Ginocchio He is enjoying the beaches of Miami, a destination to which he traveled thanks to the contract he has with a travel company that specializes in graduates. There, “El Primo” is taking advantage of his time to rest and try new activities.

This Friday, he shared a series of images practicing wakeboarding with his brother José and revolutionized social networks.

All the photos of Marcos Ginocchio wakeboarding

Under this post, which has more than 300,000 likes, Rusherking commented: “My crazy face.”
El Primo posed with the board after taming the waves.
Marcos Ginocchio is in Miami accompanying a group of students during their graduation trip.
100% smiles: Marcos Ginocchio and his brother, José.

Before traveling, Marcos Ginocchio revealed his relationship with Julieta Poggio

Marcos was surprised at the Ezeiza airport when he was going with his team to the airport counters. They were the cameras THE M those who came to know some details about his private life.

“Are you single?” he shot. brito angel from the floor, to which the man from Salta responded very seriously: “Yes, single. With many things to do. Luckily, I am enjoying every moment a lot and I tried to take full advantage of it because it is something unique that was given to me. I appreciate it very much, as well as all the love from the people.”

It was then that the leader of the little angels wanted to inquire about an even juicier detail: “Why do you think your story with Juli stuck so much, that everyone wanted romance when they were at home and now they want to see them together?”

“I don’t know. We have a very good friendship with Juli. A very nice connection as friends. I always saw her as a friend, and she always saw me as her friend. So nothing more than that”, Ginocchio clarified.

In addition, the winner of the reality show remarked that, for the moment, he is not open to love, and that the rumors of romance with his partner are not true either, to the happiness or sadness of some.

The former participant, who is now in Miami, will return to the country in the next few hours because this Sunday, July 9, he will attend the Martin Fierro Awards for the first time, which will take place at the Hilton Hotel.

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