Clara Chía Martí continues to be the axis that connects the controversies between Gerard Piqué and Shakira. The young Catalan, current partner of the ex-soccer player, has had to bear a lot of criticism due to her apparent crush on the defending world champion with Spain.

In the last few hours, as reported in the entertainment media, it was news that the young woman would not have the support of Piqué’s children. This, according to the ‘paparazzi’, because they would not enjoy spending time with her.

Now, after that information, some photographs were released that show Clara Chía like never before. Without any qualms in front of the camera, the young woman smiles and poses. This, according to the Catalan newspaper ‘El Nacional’, on the terrace of the mansion that used to belong to Shakira.

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‘Clara Chía reigns in Shakira’s old house’

Piqué, Clara Chia and Shakira.


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On social networks, a couple of images were known that show Clara Chía quite loose.

In the first impression, the young woman seems to show a security before the camera that has rarely been seen. Her confidence to pose in front of the lens: a first for her followers.

Besides that, what caught my attention is that The place where the young woman “met again” would have been the mansion where Shakira used to live. At least that’s how ‘El Nacional’ reports it.

“It is not the small balcony where the witch was looking at the house of Piqué’s parents, it is the large upper terrace with views. A wooden table worn by the rain, an unequivocal sign that Shakira had no intention of renewing the furniture now that gave both”notes the newspaper on the images.

So far, no one from Clara Chía and Piqué’s entourage has confirmed that the photographs were in Shakira’s old mansion. Even so, the followers of the young Catalan are accurate on social networks.

“Clara Chía reigns in Shakira’s old house”
They assure in a tone that realizes that the novel of the separation of the Barranquillera and the former player is far from over.

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