The tense rupture that the Colombian has experienced Shakira and ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué He does not leave out his family circles, who have also been part of this entire media episode every day.

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In fact, Pique’s mother, Montserrat Bernabéu Guitart, has been on the scene several times because of what is said to have been a harsh relationship with the Colombian.

Right now there is controversy due to the apparent bad relationship that the father of the former soccer player would also have with his son’s ex-partner.

The press stalks Montserrat

Shakira and Piqué’s mother.


YouTube, Twitter Montserrat Bernabeu

Montserrat Bernabeu and her husband, Joan Piqué, attended the final of the Conde de Godó tennis tournament on Sunday, at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona complex, and they could not go unnoticed.

Upon arrival at the scene, a Europa Press correspondent immediately approached the ex-soccer player’s mother and said: “How is your son?”

The mother did not stop her march, she dribbled at the press and advanced towards the entrance of the compound. However, her short response gave rise to a lot of topic on social networks, with a brief: “Everything is fine, everything is great.”

The journalist insisted, tried to obtain a formal statement from Bernabeu about the alleged trip that Piqué made with Clara Chia to Abu Dhabi, but was unsuccessful.

his last interview

Recently, the former player’s mother gave an interview in which she made it a condition not to talk about the private life of the family. However, she broke down when she remembered one of the most dramatic moments she experienced for her son.

The mother relived an episode from 2012, when Gerard Piqué, in a match at the Camp Nou, hit his head hard in a play with the footballer Drogba.

“I remember that at that time I was in the field. When I saw it, it wasn’t very good, it came to my head. In fact, it’s still hard for me to talk about it,” he said between silences and holding back tears.

“He kept playing, but he didn’t know where he was. He was disoriented and had suffered a major head trauma,” he said.


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