After his trip to Abu Dhabi with his new partner, Clara Chía, former soccer player Gerard Piqué landed in Miami this Thursday to visit his children there for the first time. This is the first trip that the ex-soccer player makes to US territory after the move of Shakira and her little ones, Milan and Sasha.

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Piqué caused a stir when he arrived at the airport. He arrived in jeans, a gray T-shirt, dark sunglasses and a “face of few friendsaccording to those who expected it.

The Catalan arrived in Miami after a long plane ride. Without saying a word to reporters, he walked through the halls of the airport and then took a taxi.

Journalist dispatches against Piqué

Piqué arrived in Miami on April 26.


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One of the journalists who captured the moment of Piqué’s arrival and followed his every move was Alex Rodríguez, a journalist based in Miami, who after not being able to get a word out of Piqué, spoke loudly about him.

It gave me a lot of pain, he came completely alone, dressed simply and with a small suitcase,” he said.

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In addition, he adds: “I think he did not expect the reaction of so many journalists upon his arrival and that they asked him such strong questions.”

But it didn’t stop there. “The suitcase itself confirms it, they tell me that he is going to stay a few days, in a hotel in Miami.” According to Álex Rodríguez, “surely today we will see Piqué taking a boat to go to that island”.

Finally, the journalist sentenced: “It gave me a lot of tenderness to see him, his children are 10,000 kilometers away, I think that Piqué is going to have to consider having a house in Miami to give his children stability and it is going to be quite hard what what’s left for the next few months”.

to find a hotel

According to ‘La Vanguardia’, Piqué has not yet found a temporary residence for his visits in Miami, which will take place on a monthly basis, in accordance with the provisions of the custody agreement. In the absence of housing, the former soccer player would stay, for the moment, staying in a hotel.

Among the plans of the former Barcelona player would be to find a temporary home in the American city, not only to stay during his constant comings and goings, but also to travel with his parents, Joan Piqué and Montserrat Bernabeu, who will want to see their grandchildren .


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