Former soccer player Gerard Piqué is once again at the center of the controversy, and now because of some images that have gone viral, during his trip with Clara Chia to Abu Dhabi.

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The former player and his new partner took a trip to the United Arab Emirates that was highly commented on social networks. His idea was to get away from the lenses of the press and fans, but it was not possible,

The trip of Piqué and Clara Chía to the United Arab Emirates had been kept in the most absolute reserve, because in that country the paparazzi have a harder time working.


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However, an account dedicated to following the new couple managed to get a first video in which Piqué and Clara are seen together.

But there is more, a scene that has gone viral and that has the former soccer player as its protagonist.

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Piqué’s discomfort

Piqué and Clara Chía can be seen in different places in Barcelona.

The founder of the Kosmos Group turned on the networks because in the leaked video he appears adjusting his shorts several times while the camera captures him from a distance. Apparently this was very tight and did not let him walk quietly.

The poor thing seems that his bathing suit was tight, maybe that’s why he didn’t want to give this little guy a photo”, they mocked in the program, El Gordo y la Flaca, from Univisión.

The users did not miss an opportunity and also left mocking comments towards Piqué, such as “Clara-mente walks with the bathing suit of one of the children”.

Another comment was “Everyone looks at the pique shorts and at Chía (Martí), but they don’t realize how he denied that poor boy a photo or autograph, people like that don’t deserve appreciation from their followers.”

Meanwhile, press reports indicate that the holidays are over because the day of Piqué’s trip to Miami was this Wednesday, April 26, to see his children.

It is said that although the separation agreement granted him ten days a month to be with Sacha and Milan, this time it would only be five days of meeting, which would already be a reason for litigation between the lawyers. Because?

As revealed by the journalist Lorena Vázquez, the legal teams of Shakira and Piqué already had a disagreement with this first visit, and it has to do with the fact that Piqué already spent a few days with his children in Barcelona, ​​so he would have already spent part of the period granted by law.


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