Gerard Piqué definitely does not rest. The former Barcelona player, expecting a new season of his striking King’s League project in Spain, is once again the target of ridicule and criticism due to his separation from Shakira, announced more than 10 months ago.

In presenting the latest details of what is to come for his ‘toy’, Piqué announced that it will now have a television broadcast, through ‘Mediaset’. But the most striking thing was that in another ‘streaming’, together with the ‘influencer’ Ibai Llanos, he turned out to be a victim. This time, as in so many others, for a reference to Shakira.

And the Spanish media are accurate.

“They laugh in Piqué’s face”titled ‘Informalia’.

“They humiliate Piqué with a song by Shakira”


Screenshot King’s League Infojobs, Instagram Shakira

In the announcement video of ‘The Evening of the Year 3’, a project by Ibai Llanosit was announced that artists of the stature of the Colombian Feid and the Spanish Quevedo will be there.

Likewise, the presence of Ozuna, who participated during the last transmission of Llanos with Piqué, was confirmed.

In fact, his appearance was the one that unleashed chaos for the former Catalan player.

“Gerard, I am very excited…, be careful with a song that is going to sound: ‘It was not your fault, nor mine either’Llanos said, laughing, reciting the song ‘Monotonía’, by Shakira, in collaboration with the reggaeton singer.

Then Ozuna burst out laughing.

Piqué, visibly uncomfortable, said: “We are leaving the artists free.”

“Let everyone do what they want”finished off.

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