Shakira in her last song Acrostic embodied her facet as a motherafter having released three singles before with reference to the lack of love and the break with the soccer player Gerard Piqué.

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in the video of Acrostic their two children, Milan and Sasha, appeared. According to Spanish media, The Colombian would not have notified Piqué that the children would participate, for which the possibility of a lawsuit was opened.

Ramón Tamborero, the Catalan lawyer, wanted to make clear his client’s feelings on the subject. “Spanish legislation, by which the couple is governed, establishes that in order for children to appear in a communication medium, it is essential that the parents give authorization,” he said as context in W Radius.

When the video was published, Piqué was unaware. He had even traveled to Miami days before to see them and returned without knowing about the audiovisual. “I had not been informed by anyone that this was going to happen,” Tamborero revealed.

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Why did Piqué decide not to sue Shakira?


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When analyzing the matter, the soccer player chose not to proceed with legal actions against his ex-partner. “He has considered that it was not the most opportune to start another war in problems that the children were going to have to deal with when seeing their parents in court to discuss a matter like this. We decided to leave things as they were,” said the lawyer at the station.

Tamborero also assured that they have tried to have a cordial relationship for the well-being of the children and that the problems would be seen more in the media.

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Besides, rejected the versions about a false prohibition for children to approach Clara Chía, the new partner of the former Barcelona player.


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“It is absolutely false. (…) I have read this news, but in no case. To begin with, it would be a null pact. You cannot prevent the children from relating to that person with whom you are romantically linked,” he sentenced to W Radius.

The separation process between the Colombian and the Catalan has already ended. According to Piqué’s attorney, there were never any problems due to economic issues or how a house would be distributed: “The only thing they owned was the house in Barcelona that will be sold and distributed. And that’s the end of the problem.”

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His version joins that of Pilar Mañé, Shakira’s lawyer, who said that “everything is going well” and that the agreements were being complied with, since Piqué was traveling to see his children in Miami and they would be in Barcelona to share with him Summer holidays.

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