Gerard Piqué had a hectic trip to the United States to visit his sons, MIlan and Sasha, as part of the legal agreement established after his separation from Shakira.

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Piqué arrived in Miami last Thursday, in the middle of a swarm of journalists who waited for him and besieged him in search of a statement that was not finally given.

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According to the agreement reached by the parties, Piqué has the right to visit his children during each month, for periods of 10 days.

But since before his trip to Miami, Piqué had already seen a couple of days with them, since April 2, he barely had 8 left. And, according to various Spanish media, those eight will end up being only five, which generated the first major disagreement between lawyers since the signing of the agreement.

“Shakira has made things quite difficult for him”, they say in the Mamarazzis program. ) They report that in addition to those ten days a month to spend with his children, there are three vacation periods in which Piqué has priority: Thanksgiving, the week from Christmas to New Year’s Eve and Easter.


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Piqué would look for a home

Piqué would take urgent action to avoid disagreements with his ex-partner. As has been known, the president of Kosmos is considering acquiring a property in Miami.

Thus, by having an address there, the judicial agreement signed at the end of 2022 is at risk of falling. International media say that could even be replaced by joint custodysince the two parents would have residence in the same city, a declaration of battle for Shakira.

In addition, a property in Miami would help Piqué to avoid the media harassment and the fans who besiege the hotel where he has stayed.

As reported by Univisión, Piqué would have already been looking at real estate since last December. And today he would already have a selection.

According to Informalia, Piqué is interested in the Brickell area, where residential areas coexist with offices, since it is a financial district. Piqué wants a “broad, bright space, with a minimum of rooms and common areas”, says the newspaper, in order to enjoy of his time with Milan and Sasha away from the press.


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