Although the most common thing is to clean the rooms of the houses from bad energy, there are other possibilities to harmonize all the elements that are used daily. AND Pitty the Numerologist revealed his secrets to clean the wallet.

“If you have remedies in your wallet, that generates a super negative energy and it does not allow circulation, it does not allow transformation and it does not allow new vibes to arrive”, he advanced about an element that is very common to carry in the bag.

The specialist in numbers also said that “it is recommended not carry handkerchiefs inside the wallet and not have food remains and fewer papers that they had connected with a determined energy. It is also not good that they have loose money inside the wallet, nor that they have all loose things. They can have a little envelope, or another smaller bag to keep everything they carry”.

The ritual that Pitty recommends The Numerologist

“I am going to teach you how to clean your wallet, you are going to grab a sahumerio and you are going to pass it 7 times. You can put a mantra or simply say: ‘Dear Universe, I ask you for maximum protection for my wallet, my backpack and everything that I carry on my body so that my paths open up and negative things do not stick, larvae, bugs, cockroaches, bad vibes, envy, etc. All that out, get out of my vibration and only be connected with the best energy’”.

He stressed that it is very important that we always have the best energy close by, “in something so everyday and so beautiful, and that we use every day, like our wallet.”

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