The last broadcast of THE M had as a guest Pitty “the numerologist” who gave his predictions for the coming months, not only in the cycle of shows of Angel De Brito, but also about Marcelo Tinelli.

First he began by launching an enigmatic for Ángel to guess, which involved a couple from the show. “May you have a romance that they will not be able to believe, I am going to throw it at you in private so that they start to follow it now because I tell you that more than a numerologist I perish as a journalist “ assured.

Then he continued talking about the couple, but he also mentioned a change in Ángel’s job category, to whom he mentioned that he had to approach another very famous driver. “There is also a very large separation and an infidelity that will come to light, May is coming loaded, it will be noisy, they have all this. I am going to greet Carmen Barbieri and now you will have a proposal to make decisions “.

Finally, he mentioned the driver and producer Marcelo Tinelli and your love future. “Tinelli’s girlfriend is coming, she’s going to be dating someone we all love and she has a divine vibration. Someone comes surprisingly, she’s someone new and it’s going to be there just as the Dancing starts and she’s going to have him happy and with energy”.

Pitty The Numerologist’s predictions for people with birthdays in April

For people who were born in April, Pitty the Numerologist promises “the reunion, the connection with your soul again and the best energy”. It is a stage in which people will be able to take off their growth and take on new energy for next year.

“You will only feel fulfilled if all things are in their place, that is, if your life has a structure and there is nothing that alters your energy. I know perfectly well that you don’t like that there is no order in your life.” He explained on his social networks.

The specialist said that this year “It brings the possibility that you open up to new things, May, June and July are going to be months of takeoff for you, where decisions are going to be very important and perhaps you think about the possibility of moving or changing something that you have come doing many years ago.”

“This 2023 will propose to you not only to break structures, but to encourage you to a new challenge, a year where the energy will be directly and where the old was left behind as a boy. You have to change the path and encourage yourself to new opportunities. It is ideal for that venture that you wanted to do independently, to sell something that you have at home and that you no longer use, and also to make the new investment so that a lot of prosperity comes to you ”, mentioned. Besides, pitty stressed that “It is a year to break structures, to encourage more and to know that you are in a period of great evolution, with a beautiful, positive balance and great takeoff.”

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