In 2023 the tenth edition of the Platino Awards will be held, which seek to reward the best of the Ibero-American film industry. For this occasion, Colombian actress Carolina Gaitán will debut as presenter of the famous audiovisual galasharing the stage with actors such as: the Mexican Óscar Chaparro and the Spanish Paz Vega.

The actress revealed in an interview for the magazine ‘Hello!’, how excited she felt to be part of this gala, in which he assured that this year the festival will go “far beyond what was imagined”.

“Everything is going to happen, there are going to be many musical surprises, a very special tribute to Benicio del Toro. Also, characters of the stature of Ricardo Darín are nominated. So it’s going to be a big celebration,” said the singer.

The woman from Villavicencio, in recent years has shown that her career is on the rise, she has stood out as a singer, actress and now presenter. Likewise, she lent her voice to give life to ‘Pepa Madrigal’, a fictional character from the famous Disney film ‘Encanto’.

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Gaitán revealed how the opportunity to be host: “Last year I was dominated by a series called Malayerba, so they invited me to present a category and that category turned out to be with Omar Chaparro and we did so well, and we had such an incredible time that we decided to return and this time we invite as official presenters together with Paz Vega”.

In dialogue with the renowned Spanish magazine, the actress, who gave life to ‘Catalina’ in ‘Without Breasts there is no paradise’, revealed that one of the biggest challenges would be to “keep the public connected”.

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“I think the challenge is to exalt these productions, make people connected, make it fun and entertaining because that’s what it’s all about, that we have a great time,” he revealed for the aforementioned media.

In addition, the opportunities for women do not stop, recently commented that new projects are coming. One of them is the recordings of a Dynamo production for Netflix, in which she will be filming for five weeks and will be one of the leading characters.

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The Platino Awards broadcast can be seen on HBO and TNT on Saturday, April 22, starting at 1 pm with the pre- Show from the red carpet and at 2 pm the awards ceremony will take place in Madrid, Spain.

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