A video of a pregnant woman who fearlessly uses a weapon to defend her baby and her partnerfrom a man who would be asking them for trouble in a parking lot.

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This situation occurred in the city of Houston, United States, and the recording was released thanks to the fact that it was recorded on the security cameras of the parking lot.

The woman, who did not reveal her identity, told ‘ABC13’ that this situation occurred in front of the All Season Food Store on Fulton Road, near Berry, when she was bringing food to her husband, who works in the store. At that moment, she was approached by two armed men who were inside a silver van.

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“I got out of my car and immediately, The guy in the passenger seat of the silver car got out with an AR and told me that I scared him. You know, he said it in a more vocal wayl”, said the woman to the medium already mentioned.

At that moment, she called her husband and he left the store. The alleged offender had a rifle and got into the driver’s seat of a Dodge Challenger, parked next to the pickup. However, the driver of the van began looking for a problem.

At that moment, this man asked the woman’s husband, “Do you want to die tonight?” In the recording it is seen how the couple tried to ignore him, but they are pointed several times with a weapon.

Then the man decided to approach the pregnant woman’s partner and hit him with the gun. To defend him, the woman took a gun out of her bag and shot him.

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“Thank God we had our weapons. I have never been happier to be a weapon carrier,” she assured the aforementioned outlet.

The offender was recognized by the authorities as Mario Duque, 39 years old. He is currently being charged with Aggravated Jumping with a Deadly Weapon and Unlawful Carry of a Weapon.


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