Today, May 20, 2023, is a very special date for the Spanish royal family. princess eleanor and heir to the throne graduates in the UWC Atlantic College of Wales After passing the official exams and their Majesties the King and Queen, and her sister, the Infanta Sofía, have traveled to the United Kingdom to accompany her on this important day.

Again, the expectation generated by this family gathering was quite high. What will the protagonist wear to collect the title? whatAnd Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofía? Taking into account the successful style of the monarch and her daughters, it was to be expected that their stylistic proposals would exceed all expectations, and, obviously, that is how it ended up being.

Princess Leonor opted for a blazer style dress signed by the Asturian brand Apparentia. A clear nod to her position as Princess of Asturias which, by the way, has fascinated us and which, in turn, confirms once again that they have everything perfectly studied to convey certain messages through clothing.

Princess Leonor graduates with an Asturian signature dress

Real home

Thus, it is not surprising that the first in line to the throne opted for a Spanish design. Specifically, a short tuxedo-type dress in fuchsia cMade in crepe by hand in Spain.

On the banner’s website it is found under the name ‘Mandy‘. A design that stands out, above all, for the detail of the openings on the sleeve. Which, considering the act, seems like a very wise decision for his age. Although it seems that Leonor’s model does without the ties that appear in the original piece.

The Royal House has been in charge of publicly sharing the two images of the event. In them, King Felipe appears with Princess Leonor in a sophisticated navy blue jacket suit, and with the ‘royal’ his sister Sofía and Queen Letizia.

The first, with a two-piece set of top and bell-bottom pants in blue to contrast with the protagonist and, Letizia, with a white suit jacket immaculate that she accompanied with a beige lingerie-style blouse. All very successful.

Princess Leonor’s graduation dress

Princess Leonor graduates with an Asturian signature dress


Apparentia Pink Tuxedo Dress

pink tuxedo dress

Apparentia Pink Tuxedo Dress

Credit: Apparentia

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