Novel, well-being, personal life stories, historical memories. This great festival of books that takes place in Corferias until the next 2nd of May is an opportunity to rediscover books that move and even change lives. These are some of those who will also have presentations with their authors, so that readers can interact with them and take home their signed work.

In your view
Marcela Alvarez
ITA Editorial
275 pages

The story of Amelia Camargo, the protagonist, who wanders through time and her memories to find answers. Thus, the past, the present and the future are disrupted, while the search for her becomes more relentless. The work also seeks to trace the origins. Thus, Amelia’s family becomes a transversal node of the plot and shapes the profiles of the characters, as well as their character. As the work progresses it is possible to see how the links change.


Parenting 3.0
Diego Santos
Intermediate Editors
104 pages

From Monday to Sunday, Vanessa de la Torre, his wife, wakes up Diego Santos before 5 am so he can take the dogs out. In this book, Santos reconstructs the adventures and anecdotes (some amusing, others not so much but well carried out due to his cunning as a father) around his family life and, especially, the difficult task of raising his two daughters. , Raquel and Carlota, in the middle of the digital age. The author presents the book on May 1st, at 12 noon, in the Sala Jorge Isaacs room. Book signing at the Intermedio stand (314A, Hall 6), 1 pm


Walmandalas III
Yaneth Waldman
Intermediate Editors
104 pages

If there is one word that defines this book, it is “gratuitousness”. On this occasion, Yaneth Waldman invites us to celebrate together the healing and liberating power of mandalas, which with their shapes, colors and silhouettes transport us to places of peace, balance and rest. Waldman will speak with the journalist Margarita Ortega, this Saturday, at 3 pm Great Hall Raíces C, Corferias. Book signing at the Intermedio stand (314A, Hall 6), 4p. m.


If they know how I am… why do they invite me?
Felipe Zuleta Lleras
Intermediate Editors
128 pages

After The Presidential Family, the Bogota journalist returns with the second part of his memoirs in If you know how I am… why do you invite me? On this occasion, Zuleta pays a unique tribute to the women in his life. Felipe Zuleta will speak with Andrés Mompotes, director of EL TIEMPO, on April 29, at 11 am, in the Gran Salón Raíces C. Book signing at the Intermedio stand (314A, Hall 6), 12 noon.


Train your body power your mind
Daniela More Caicedo
Intermediate Editors

Beyond achieving well-being, the athletics coach, advisor to elite athletes and triathlete Daniela Mor Caicedo, proposes building it through movement and a series of strategies for change in the physical, emotional, mental and social spheres of people, which has developed over the past six years. Mor will talk with Juanita Uribe, on April 29, at 1 pm, in the Gran Salón Raíces C. Book signing at the Intermedio stand (314A, Hall 6), 2 pm


stories that heal
dr rawdy
Intermediate Editors
160 pages

After his success on social networks with a novel health message, doctor Rawdy Reales Rois reconstructs his career in this book, through a series of professional experiences. The author exposes, among other reflections, unique diagnoses that he has found in the emergency room of hospitals and health posts in towns located hundreds of kilometers from his native Valledupar (César). A look that humanizes health.


The unlikely death of Hercules Pretorius
Humberto Calle
Editions B
224 pages

De la Calle takes off his political ‘hat’ to return to his days as a writer, to portray a key period in the history of Colombia. Hércules Pretorius was a young lawyer from the University of Caldas, from a good family, who had always been attracted to the idea of ​​making a peaceful social revolution. The M-19 arose in the convulsed Colombia of the seventies and gave Hércules an option to fight for his ideals. These are the misadventures of Pretorius until his death, in the Chocoan jungle.


dancing with death
Roy Barreras
Editorial Aguilar
128 pages

Roy Barreras has confronted death in many ways over the years: first as a doctor, a profession he practiced for more than two decades, and later as a political actor, defending peace above all else. But the decisive battle came when he was diagnosed with colon cancer and knew that he had to fight for his own survival. His path to healing is in this book, in which the author proposes to face the disease by reconciling ourselves with life.


How was Colombia born?
various authors
Edited by U. Nacional, Rosario, Andes and EL TIEMPO

In an unprecedented editorial alliance, the National University of Colombia, the Universidad de los Andes, the Universidad del Rosario and EL TIEMPO present How was Colombia born? A country under construction. An original historical approach to Independence, in which historians, students, designers and publishers participate. We will not be able to understand our present if we have not known our 200-year past, when we were born as a political people.


Enrique Posada Cano
New People Editorial
281 pages

Written in the pandemic, this novel is an autobiographical story. The plot takes place in two settings: Bogotá and Sales, a town in the Central Cordillera, where three women found a kind of human laboratory, El Nirvana, which welcomes people from fifty years of age upwards, to rid them of the contagion that a criminal Serially, he has sentenced them because of their age. A story ponders the question: Will the human come out of this better or worse?


My answers for the soul
Paula Lopez
Without borders Editorial
371 pages

The life coach Paula López publishes her fourth book ‘My answers for the soul’ at the fair, in which she continues her method ‘How to polish the diamond of your soul’, in which she helps to heal people internally. This compilation of essays and reflections, the author gives keys to live a life in peace, resilience and fullness with oneself. A way to be reborn, as she says, “after a pandemic that tested us all.” Presentation on Saturday, April 22, at 1 pm in Corferias, Gran Salon A.


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