The Mexican rapper, known as ‘German’, recently went viral on social networks, after a clip was leaked in which he is seen dressed as a priest, pretending to distribute ‘Catholic communion’ with marijuana cigarettes at the Guadalupano Sanctuary in Hermosillo, Sonora.

Apparently, the scene corresponds to the recording of his latest musical production, in which Erik German He is at the altar in a purple tunic like those used by priests to officiate Easter masses, while delivering a ‘joint’ of the psychoactive substance to the people who line up.

Given the comments of the believers and the criticism unleashed by parishioners on the networks, the artist, who has sung with snop dog, offered a public apology, stating that the video clip is a positive song and different from his previous work, and that it was not his intention to offend the Catholic community.

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“This video is to offer an apology to all those people who came to feel offended, (…) an apology to Father Luis Armando who was the one who threw the strike on us (he did the favor) to put together this video.”

And he added in a publication: “It is a superpositive song, which I know you will like, especially the entire community of the Guadalupano Sanctuary with much respect and love.”

In the same way, the father in charge of the Hermosillo church, Luis González Torres, acknowledged that he authorized the rapper to record the single, since he explained the message of the song. He considered allowing the recording, arguing that “the doors are open and you are not one to judge the lives of others.”

In addition, he clarified that the “German” clothes were brought by himself, and that no element was lent to the interpreter apart from the place.

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However, both the priest and the archdiocese apologized to the Catholic community through a statement, in which they argue that “they acted indiscreetly” and that they hope this situation will not happen again.

“We recognize that we acted without ill will and intention, but recklessly, therefore Archbishop Ruy Rendón Leal, and our entire Presbytery, offer a sincere apology to all those who felt wronged in their faith. We assume and reiterate the commitment to watch over and take care that these acts are not repeated in our Church,” wrote the vicar of the archdiocese in the statement.

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However, there were Internet users who commented that “the acts of pedophilia caused by the church should cause them more indignation”, as well as there were those who argued that that act was a desecration of the temple.


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