Real Madrid looks to the future. After the departure of Karim Benzema and the renewal of Luka Modric, the Spanish team draws up its squad with a view to continuing to prolong the historical dominance embodied by its legend.

With young players, such as the Brazilians Vinícius Junior and Rodrygo, the team led by Carlo Ancelotti today focuses its gaze on building a lasting project. The idea, says the press, is that the French Kylian Mbappé arrives next year to be the ‘galactic’ of the new era. However, for the moment the economic negotiations do not seem to reach a middle ground.

And in the midst of the expectation for the future of Real Madrid, the name of a Colombian player emerged: Yaser Asprilla.

This was stated by the president of Envigado, Ramiro Ruiz, in a chat with Mauricio González, from ‘Gente Pasión y Fútbol’, a program on ‘Telemedellín’.

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Yaser Asprilla interests Real Madrid

Yaser Asprilla scored the equalizer.

In the latest edition of the ‘Gente Pasión y Fútbol’ program, journalist Mauricio González asked the president of Envigado:

“We talked this week and You told me that Real Madrid asked about Yaser Asprilla… I was surprised. Can you ratify it in this talk?”

Next step, Ramiro Ruiz, who spoke about the projection of other players from his quarry, stated: “It really does not surprise me because I know how capable Yaser is and what he will be. I believe, leaving my heart aside, that we are facing two of the players who in two or three years will be the most important in their positions , or they will compete in those positions in the world, which are Yaser Asprilla and John Jader Durán (sic)”.

“It is news that appeared in many newspapers in Spain and we know about the quality of Yaser”added the leader.

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Then, questioned about England’s Brighton’s interest in Asprilla, Ruiz said: “It’s not just Brighton who are interested… other teams from the old continent also want Yaser’s services“.

Yaser Asprilla is currently a Watford player from England. He comes from playing with the Colombian Under-20 National Team and also being called up to the senior team.

El Envigado, said Ruiz, retains 20% of the economic rights of the player.

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