A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align so that the Moon passes the Earth’s shadow. This phenomenon, which has a clear impact on the signs of the zodiac and on certain situations that can happen to people, will begin this Friday at 12:14 p.m. (Argentine time) and will reach its peak at 3:22 p.m. to culminate at 16:31.

This eclipse completes the cycle that started on April 20 and It is a period in which emotional intensity is carried to the surface. That is why you have to be careful both before and after it because they are days where emotions and reactivity will be factors that will dominate the scene.

Being cautious, thinking twice about a statement before giving an answer in an angry situation and having greater contemplation with others are three recommendations made by specialists to not jeopardize a love or family relationship.

Those who should pay more attention are the people of Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius: The main signs to be alert to are relationships that do not progress at the expected rate, an obstacle when it comes to wanting to change life structures and problems at work.

Staying out of the way, for those who belong to these signs, is the key during the eclipse because some words can be misinterpreted and certain mistakes can be made that end up in trouble.

Where will the eclipse be best seen from?

The big event will be fully visible from asia and australia. In addition, when the Moon rises or sets, it can also be observed from Africa and in Eastern and Central Europe, andexplain “starwalk.space”, a page dedicated to the topic. Although it will not be possible to follow it from all parts of the world, fans will be able to keep up with the phenomenon through different applications and different live broadcasts throughout the world.

Yes ok in lunar eclipses there is no need to cover up or use protection to see them, they can be seen with the naked eye, without any type of glasses or any special equipment, unlike solar eclipses. What must be taken into account is the location. The ideal place is where there is not so much light pollution, where there is as little as possible.

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