Six finalists face off for the most precious crown of the vallenato festival, in the Coliseum of the Parque de la Leyenda de Valledupar. Everyone had to interpret four songs, each representing one of the vallenato airs. The last one is always the puya, because it allows the display of the three musical instruments that make up the typical ensemble of this folklore, which is why it is allowed to last one more minute.

The list of competitors for this final round was released a few hours before it took place. The finalist accordion players They were José Juan Camilo Guerra, Ómar Hernández Brochero, Javier Matta, Camilo Andrés Molina Luna, Jesús Alberto Ocampo and Enderson de Jesús Rada.

Before a jury among which the cashier Pablo López and the Vallenato king Julián Mojica stood out, the contestants kept their appointment with the festival public.

The first contestant to take the stage was José Juan Camilo Guerra, Silvestre Dangond’s current accordion player. The musicians Ademo ‘Memo’ Granados and Reinaldo Javier Ortiz accompanied him on drums and guacharaca.

Jose Juan Camilo Guerra born in Valledupar, has a tour in minor categories of the festival. He was youth king (2017), he won in the amateur category in 2019. And in his attempts to be crowned professional vallenato king, he has also reached the final before.

The repertoire that he presented on stage was Berta Caldera, Inesita -this of the honoree of the meeting, Luis Enrique Martínez-, in addition to the sound In love with my accordion (composed by him) and When the tiger is in the cave.

Ómar Alberto Hernández Brochero, Vallenato accordion player.


Vallenato Legend Festival

The second to get on the platform was Omar Alberto Hernandez Brochero, that among his repertoire he performed the merengue Mírame, a song that had an iconic version made by Luis Enrique Martínez. He also interpreted the son Altos del Rosario, another great classic, by Alejandro Durán, the first Vallenato king. Hernández presented a puya of his authorship titled Homenaje a mis instrumentos, whose lyrics announced the snare drum solo, guacharaca and accordion.

Javier Matta Correa, born in Santa Marta, opened his presentation with the song foundation garden, from ‘El Pollo Vallenato. Matta, who at the time was the last accordion player to make a musical formula with Jorge Oñate, took the stage at Parque de La Leyenda, accompanied by Odacyr Montenegro and Omar Castilla, other experienced festival musicians. The air of meringue was Fame and he is, Marisela, both of Martinez.