Ricardo Darin confirmed that he will be the protagonist of the expected production of The Eternautthe classic Argentine cartoon created by Hector German Oesterheld and Francisco Solano Lopez. As the actor pointed out in an interview with CNN Radioor, it will be “a version updated that intends to reach beyond the borders of our country”.

The project has been in the pipeline since 2020, when Netflix He confirmed that he had something going. But not only the pandemic forced to postpone the plans: the heirs of the authors imposed a list of requirementsamong which was included filming it in Buenos Aires and that it was spoken in Spanish.

“The series will be based on the comic, but there is a new version and we are all very excited and mobilized.”, said Darín, who has just received the Platinum Award for his work in Argentina, 1985. It is confirmed that the director in charge will be Bruno Stagnarocreator of other productions such as squats and A rooster for Aesculapius.

Ricardo Darín this weekend, at the Platino Awards.

“It is a way of making the country known at a time when the news that may come from Argentina is not entirely pleasant. It is very hard work. I am preparing myself because it is very physically and mentally demanding. It will be something that will not go unnoticedor ”, he advanced, convinced.

This project had already been attempted with Lucrecia Martel in command, who was summoned in 2008 to adapt it within the production company Pedro Almodovar. But the plan was cut short: “I made the effort to adapt the story, along with other people, with great fervor. Compared to that enthusiasm, the producers’ decision not to make it was miserable.she said, angrily and rightly, at the time.

That is why all eyes are on this production that is yet to come, and Ricardo Darín’s leading role only fills the fans of this Argentine classic with enthusiasm.

Argentina, 1985 and Ricardo Darín, winners of the Platino Awards

Argentina, 1985 shone in the Platinum Awards: in addition to being the film with the most nominations for the award in 14 shortlists, it won the highest award as Best film. In addition, it was awarded in the category Best Screenplay, Art Direction, Male Performance and Platinum Award for Cinema and Education in Values.

Ricardo Darin he won the award for best male performance for playing the prosecutor Julio Strassera. “I want to share it with Peter Lanzani, who is also nominated here, without him I would not have been able to do it, I swear“, he said with total sincerity at the prestigious ceremony in Madrid. To conclude his speech, and almost on the verge of tears, he added: “I would like to dedicate this award to the incredible humanity of Mr. Julio César Strassera. Never Again, Never Again”.

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