This Tuesday it was announced through the program hosted by Rodrigo Lussich, show partners an audio of Ricky Diotto addressed to his ex-partner, the model Maria Fernanda Callejon who managed to bring to light the internal hardship that surrounds the couple’s divorce process, one year after their separation. After broadcasting this audio, Diotto He came out to download through his Instagram account.

First of all, I wanted to tell you that I am very ashamed to make this video because there are things that should have been kept private forever and having to go out and clarify a lot of things to defend myself seems terrible to me.”was justified.

I’ve been trying to reach an agreement for more than a year because I can’t make the other party understand that you can’t earn 10 and spend 50. You can’t. So, the only conflict there is is that, the economic part”explained Diotto.

Ricky Diotto.  Photo file.
Ricky Diotto. Photo file.

Fernanda Callejón confessed how the reunion with Fernando Gamboa was

Maria Fernanda Callejon spoke with the Show Partners In a lengthy interview on the morning of The thirteen and spoke mainly of his new relationship with Ferdinand “The black” Gamboathe ex-soccer player who won her back 30 years after their first relationship.

He wrote to me the black In January, the first thing he said to me was ‘How nice, black, to see you with your family’“He began by recounting the interview. Then he added:”We each pursued their dream. We were dating for a year and a half, I know his mother and his sister; he comes from a very small town, ‘arteaga‘. He got married, spent 30 years with his only wife, had two children“.

Maria Fernanda Callejon.  Photo file.
Maria Fernanda Callejon. Photo file.

After being asked if they had spoken in those 30 years, Alley explained: “No, after him I got together with Guillermo in ’92. We were a couple from ’90 to ’91 and something. Yes, he started playing for Boca at one time, I went to the field, I found out that he had married and that he was very happy. He spent his life and I did not register and when he wrote to me he did it in a family context“.

The actress stated: “I always say that at the time he wrote to me, in January, which I never wrote to him again afterwards, I did not record it; When I uploaded the post that it was complicated, he did send me a little message of ‘Do you need something?’, but I came across his sister who lives 30 ‘from home“.

There “We started writing to each other, he still lived in Rosario because he ran Newell’s. Today I can tell you that there was a completely family reunion, I dare to say that he is a friend“, declared Alley. “A friend with benefits“, a panelist narrowed down and she closed by saying:”Depends on what rub…“, leaving room for suspicion and imagination.

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