Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin, nephew of Ricky Martin, countersued the artist for 10 million dollars for damages caused by allegedly committing “non-consensual sexual conduct” against him since he was 11 years old.

This is how Sánchez Martin responded to the civil lawsuit filed by his uncle last September for extortion, malicious persecution, abuse of rights, damages.

In the counterclaim, which was submitted yesterday before the Court of First Instance of San Juan but until this Thursday it has not been released to the media, a series of alleged non-consensual sexual encounters between the singer and Sánchez Martin are detailed.

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Many of those assumptions sexual encounters were included in the ex parte protection order that was granted to the nephew in July 2022 and that was later archived at the request of Sánchez Martin himself.

Some of them took place in the artist’s car when he was picking up his nephew at Sotero Figueroa Middle School in San Juan, according to the countersuit.

The judicial document abounds that Ricky Martin “stalked” the minor taking him to different places in San Juan without leaving the vehicle and to lonely places to “have oral and genital sexual relations. The non-consensual sexual relations continued after middle school and during the years that plaintiff Sánchez Martín was under twenty-one ( 21) years. In subsequent years, telephone and social media communications between the parties intensified,” he details.

The counterclaim also maintains that “one year before filing the request for a protection order under the Domestic Violence Law in Court, the plaintiff here Sánchez Martin constantly warned Ricky Martin that he felt harassed and asked him to stop his constant communications.

By ignoring the claims, Sánchez Martin opted to file the civil action for a protection order. “The actions of non-consensual sexual contact with a minor, in addition to constituting crimes, caused enormous damage to Sánchez Martinwho had neither the maturity nor the legal capacity to consent to sexual acts initiated by an adult, in this case, Ricky Martin,” the counterclaim concludes.

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For all this, Sánchez Martin indicates that “the damages for this non-consensual sexual conduct are estimated at around ten million dollars and are liquid and payable at this time.”

The legal disputes between the singer and his nephew began in July 2022, when Sánchez Martin was granted the aforementioned protection order against his uncle, which was later archived.

Subsequently, the court granted Enrique Martin Morales, the singer’s first name, a protection order for stalking his nephew, which was extended for one year last November.