The 2023 edition of the Met Gala is an event held to support the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Nevertheless, This gala is one of the most important in the world of fashion.

In this edition, the event paid tribute to the late creative director of the luxury brand Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, who died in 2019, but who marked the history of the brands through which he passed.

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The most important figures from the world of entertainment and fashion passed through this carpet, however, the cameramen and attendees expected one of the singers who has become one of the best dressed at this event: Rihanna.

The singer apparently arrived late with her partner and also a singer, Asap Rocky. Rihanna wore a dress designed by the brand Valentino What do you mean five meters long and for which 30 camellias with more than 500 petals were designed.

Rihanna’s entry below:

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The memes that were made to the singer for her long wait were not lacking. Here are some of them.

The comments that netizens made about the late arrival of the singer were things like: “Rihanna is not here, ok! take pictures of a cockroach”, “Rihanna’s baby has not been born and she has already attended a Superbowl and a Met Gala” ,”Even the cockroaches made an appearance at the Met Gala but there was no trace of Jimin, Sabrina and Rhanna”, among others.

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