Rihanna in a feathered dress hours before the Met Gala 2023


    Now yes, there is nothing left for one of the most special dates in the fashion calendar to be celebrated. The Met Gala 2023which will take place like every year at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, will once again display its iconic Red carpet so that hundreds of guests delight us with their outfits in homage, this time, to the designer Karl Lagerfeld under the theme of ‘Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty’.

    A highly anticipated moment for all lovers of the industry in which we will see our favorite ‘celebrities’ wearing the most spectacular designs of this 2023. And although this year everything indicates that Blake Lively will not be able to attend (we still can’t believe it), the event will be attended by another queen of the red carpets: Rihanna.

    How have we found out? Because despite the fact that her attendance has not been confirmed at any time, the singer has confirmed it to us -almost- with her latest maternity look in an Instagram ‘post’ that says the following: “Not Even Monday”.

    Rihanna pays tribute to Karl Lagerfeld with her sexiest maternity look

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    And it is that, as Rihanna says, it is not just any Monday. So it is a great clue that leads us directly to the celebration of this event. Another coincidence? That it is a look of Chanelshows where Lagerfeld designed for a long time.

    Thus, the one from Barbados left the bar for the MET Gala 2023 in style hours before its celebration with a white feather minidress by Coperni, two-tone jacket, strappy sandals amine muaddimatching hat Benny Andallo and, as a touch of the French maison, some vintage glasses whose logo makes them unrecognizable.

    The gala hasn’t started yet, but from what we’ve seen, we’re sure that Rihanna will attend the event, leave us all speechless with her look, and make it onto the list of the 10 most viral and impressive looks at the MET Gala.