Rihanna was the last to arrive on the carpet of the Met Gala 2023 which was held in the Metropolitan Museum of New York, giving the note for the particular dress that she wore in the great night organized by Anna Wintour and remaining faithful to other of its emblematic participations.

the singer of Diamonds came in with a surprising vintage Fendi coat from 1997 which was devised by Karl Lagerfeld, the honoree of this year’s edition, and she made an impact with a white dress and super cape inspired by bridal by Valentino.

This is how Rihanna arrived with A$AP Rocky at the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

The accessories were also protagonists, since the chosen jewelry was valued at 25 million dollars.

Rihanna by Valentino.
The bridal style sets this piece on fire.

Another of the details of the look came from the hand of the glasses, with an XL frame and with very voluminous eyelashes that caught all eyes and made it clear that nothing was left to chance.

The detail of the glasses and the cape of Rihanna’s dress.

The 35-year-old singer posed with the rapper A$AP Rocky, that she wore a checkered skirt with which she imitated an iconic Lagerfeld look.

Karl Lagerfeld in a Chanel show with the same look that the rapper chose.

Beyond what is referred to as fashion, A$AP Rocky He also made headlines for an attitude that he had as soon as he arrived at the event site, since he camouflaged himself among the hundreds of fans who were in the vicinity. He was dressed in casual clothes, jumped over the fence and revealed his identity.

Who is Karl Lagerfeld, the designer to whom the MET Gala decided to honor

Lagerfeld was “fashion’s greatest intellectual and one of the best people I’ve ever met in just about any field. His genius was focused on the fact that he always managed to surpass his previous achievements ”, he highlighted Wintourwho explained that the idea arose after the death of the creator in 2019, but it has had to be delayed on several occasions due to the pandemic.

For Wintour, Lagerfeld’s paradox is having become a world-renowned figure while at the same time maintaining strict privacy in his life, which always gave him a certain aura of mystery.

The vintage look of Dua Lipa that Claudia Schiffer wore in 1992

Dua Lipathe co-chair of the gala that organizes Anna Wintourimpacted by the hand of a Classic hairstyle that, true to its style, set trends with its jet tone and added 200-carat Tiffany’s jewels. It is a piece of Chanel that looked Claudia Schiffer on the catwalk during the presentation of the collection in autumn/winter 1992-1993.

Dua Lipa at Met Gala 2023.

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