The actress Rita Moreno He acknowledged “the nerves and excitement” he experienced during his participation in “Fast X”, the tenth installment fast & furious, in which the 91-year-old Puerto Rican interpreter joins the cast of one of the most successful action movie sagas.

“I am very happy and full of emotion because this is a completely different experience for me. I love having worked with Vin Diesel and the entire cast,” Moreno explained to EFE during the red carpet of the film held this Friday in Rome.

The Puerto Rican actress gives life to the protagonist’s grandmother Dominic Toretto -interpreted by Vin Diesel- who in this installment will have to face a dark villain, played by Jason Momoa, that threatens the life of your loved ones.

“I got really nervous when I found out I was going to be in the movie. because this is a big family and one cannot enter a place like that. However, when all the filming began, I thought about how many millions of women would want to be in my place,” said the artist.

Vin Diesel, during the presentation of Fast X, in Rome.


Riccardo Antimiani. EFE

Vin Diesel, the eternal protagonist of the saga, anticipated that the end of the main plot would arrive in 2025, so this film is the penultimate installment of the universe of racing, adrenaline and action that The tenth “Fast & Furious” film will be the penultimate of this huge saga of action, car racing and maximum adrenaline.

However, the fact that the farewell to the saga is approaching has not prevented them from joining star signings such as Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Aquaman) and Rita Moreno, who, at 91, has made the leap to action movies.

In addition to Momoa and Moreno, the film adds the actress to its cast Brie Larson and the Portuguese Daniela Melchior, while familiar faces from the franchise such as Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang and Scott Eastwood continue to be present.

“Coming from Portugal, which is such a small country, I had never dreamed of playing roles like this. When I started making soap operas at the age of 17, I did not imagine that one day they would call me to participate in fast & furious and have such an amazing life experience,” Melchior celebrated.

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Fast X takes up part of the plot of the fifth film in the saga to justify the conflict between Toretto and his fearsome adversary and recalls in several flashbacks to the late Paul Walker, whose death, in a 2013 car accident at age 40, left a great void in subsequent films.

The film repeats the brand’s usual recipe: impossible races, adrenaline, testosterone and countless special effects spread across the most emblematic locations in England, Italy, Portugal, Brazil and Antarctica. The previous installment, titled F9, It raised more than 700 million dollars, a loot that placed it as one of the highest-grossing Hollywood blockbusters of 2021, even with restrictions due to the pandemic.

Darkwho has been recognized for her talent with the most important awards in the industry such as the Grammy, the Oscar, the Emmy and the Tony, joins a distinguished cast that includes the multi-award-winning actress Helen Mirren in his team since 2017.

Despite the end of the saga approaching, the mythical Moreno celebrated the opportunity, with her more than nine decades of life, to become part of the cast of a film that is expected to be a huge hit with viewers. “The other day I was eating in a restaurant in Rome, a person recognized me and called all the waiters to see me. They didn’t know me, but when I explained to them that I’m here celebrating this premiere, they went crazy,” the actress joked.