In this article, you will get all the information regarding Robert Arrigo Cause of Death: What Happened To Former Nationalist Party Leader Robert Arrigo?

Robert Arrigo, a former MP and deputy leader of the Nationalist Party, tragically departed suddenly at age 67.

A spokesperson from the party has revealed that Nationalist MP Robert Arrigo passed away at the age of 67. The former party deputy leader was given a cancer diagnosis in the summer and was undergoing chemotherapy.

Arrigo only recently announced a fundraising event for the cancer NGO Puttinu Cares. The politician, who was also an entrepreneur, the head of the Sliema Wanderers football club, and a former mayor of Sliema, was honored by party leader Bernard Grech.

The PN leader remarked, “You will be remembered for your worthwhile work, for your commitment to the party but above all for your love for this nation.”

He said that despite Arrigo’s illness, they had met a few days prior and discussed tourism, the industry the MP represented for the party. Robert Abela, the prime minister, also paid tribute to Arrigo and said that the legislature would surely feel his absence.

Robert Arrigo Cause of Death

On October 2021, Arrigo took to Facebook to express his gratitude who sent him messages wishing him a swift recovery.

As a sign of his recovery from a health crisis that required him to spend more than a week in critical care, Nationalist Party deputy leader Robert Arrigo has made his first appearance in Parliament since the conclusion of the summer holiday.

At the beginning of Monday’s parliamentary session, Speaker Anlu Farrugia welcomed Arrigo back, prompting the in-attendance MPs to applaud their colleague. Robert Arrigo cause of death was not yet received exactly.

Early last month, Arrigo was taken to Mater Dei Hospital after experiencing pains that might have been kidney stones. He spent 10 days in the ITU before being moved to another unit, but this was because the kidney stone had infected his bloodstream, necessitating the relocation to intensive care.

Additionally, he discussed receiving his cancer diagnosis in the summer and his first few months of chemotherapy. He said at the time that he was still looking forward to life and his planned charitable endeavors. His wife Marina and his two boys Alan and Andrew are left behind.

Therefore considering all his past health history Robert Arrigo cause of death was known to be his cancer and other health complications.

Robert Arrigo Cause of Death: What Happened To Former Nationalist Party Leader Robert Arrigo?

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