Santa Fe he missed a draw that was almost assured and left empty-handed from his visit to Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata, in Argentina, in the Copa Sudamericana. But the cardinal discomfort was not only due to the 1-0 defeat at the end, also, there were reports of racist shouting.

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The situation that happens in Spain around the Brazilian player Viniciusfrom Real Madrid, who receives a string of racist insults, moves to South America.

Rodallega denounces racism

the attacker Hugo Rodallega, with tears, He was the one who denounced the racist insults. At the end of the game, the experienced cardinal striker said that there were cries of “black” and “mono”.

We do not improve as humanity. It is a disaster what is happening in the world. It’s sad to come… I’m not saying that we lost because people offend, but the issue of racism is already tiring“, began the striker in his statement.

“That they call you monkey, that they call you black is disrespectful and sad,” added Rodallega.

He said that the screams were especially when there was a fight with the gymnastics players that led to the expulsion of Wilson Morelo.

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“It happened to all of us. When there was a problem, that happens on the field, there may have been expelled, but since people mess with race instead of anger it makes me sad. It doesn’t hurt me to lose, because you can lose in the last minutes, but what happens in the environment hurts me. In Bogotá we respect them, they don’t us,” he concluded.

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