Marcela Pagano was fired from A24 and this news was known on May 1st. On the one hand, she accuses censorship – indeed, she says that she “they made the bed“and many journalists and colleagues confirm her words- there is another version and it is precisely the one given by Rolando Graña: “She was fired for mistreatment at work.” However, there are those who point out that she mistreated co-workers, makeup artists, employees of the production.

For now, she is not going to speak by order of her lawyer. The one who did speak is the news manager of A24, Rolando Grana. In an interview with the “show partners“, said: “More than a month ago there was a SiPreBA assembly (Note: Buenos Aires Press Union) in the newsroom. At that assembly, one of the executive producers of Marcela said he wanted to make his position clear regarding an episode of abuse “.

Then he continued his story: “The internal commission came to see me and they told me Marcela She is a person in a dependent relationship, she is a colleague of yours and this has to be dealt with in human resources’. There, the internal commission with the union filed a formal complaint for mistreatment against Marcela and an administrative file was initiated

9 people accuse Marcela Pagano of mistreatment at work

They fired Marcela Pagano from A24.  Photo social networks
They fired Marcela Pagano from A24. Photo social networks

In that file, I think 9 people declared and only one said that he had no problem with Marcela. They were all executive producers, journalistic producers who worked with her. All this was reflected in a complaint signed by each of them with name and surname.“remarked the journalist.

When asked if she was aware of the situation, she recounted: “From there, the company cited Marcela Paganoshe was aware of the complaints she received all the time and read the complaints in a process of more than a month“, explained Cochineal.

Finally he said: “She appointed a lawyer, he was unaware of all this. The company decided to fire her because of her because she considers that the mistreatment is a cause for job dismissal. She notified Marcela last Friday when the show ended. A notary came, he told him ‘Miss, you are fired for cause’ and now the judicial process will come and the 9 people who said they were mistreated must reaffirm their statement“, hill Rodolfo Grana.

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