The delicate state of health of Jorge Rial Abroad, he took his entire public by surprise and even more so those who knew him closely. One of the media figures who received the most inquiries on the subject was his ex-partner, Romina Pereirowho despite having ended their romance a year ago, still currently maintains a very good dialogue with the C5N driver and his daughters.

In an interview with LAM, the nutritionist said that the situation overwhelmed her and she came to feel really bad about all the versions that circulated about Rial’s health condition. “Yes, with anguish because I didn’t know the picture or how serious it was. You saw that it appears in all the media and everywhere, that’s why it was so confusing…”, began by saying Pereiro.

“A friend told me that she read Ángel’s tweet, that’s how I found out. As soon as it happened, I managed to talk to a friend of Jorge who told me, but she knew the same thing as me,” continuous.

Despite the differences that led them to separate in recent days, Romina Pereiro once again had a more fluid dialogue with Jorge Rial to keep up to date with his medical advances. “I was able to talk to him. I spoke yesterday afternoon and he told me to stay calm. He sent the girls a kiss and told me to talk to him for whatever he needs,” she revealed with relief.

The nutritionist also clarified the goals regarding her relationship with the journalist: “We have been separated for a year and a half. On the one hand I did not even know, on the other I am not the one who has to give a report because he is surrounded by his family and his doctor, since although we were family, we have not been together for a long time,” he said.

Even Pereiro herself indicated that when she was with Rial, she used to take care of her diet: “Being a nutritionist I was always careful but wanting everything to always turn out perfectly, we suffer from it because it has risk factors… But you will have to take care of yourself plus Jorge with the food…”, he assured.

“I always told him… Loosen up with the salt, because it was a lot on him, but we must clarify, we haven’t been here for a year and a half. Jorge paid the same attention to me, sometimes he even asked me questions about nutrition “, concluded the nutritionist for LAM’s live mobile.

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