Romina Pereiro spoke for the first time without return about the relationship she had with Morena and Rocío, Jorge Rial’s daughters, while they were both married. The nutritionist explained that “it was not easy” to assemble the families, but that she remembers them with great affection.

“I think that… Anyway, I don’t want to mess with Morena too much because I respect her a lot and if there’s something to talk about, we’ll do it in person. We tried to put together a family in which we were all included, but we couldn’t,” The nutritionist said about the relationship she had with the driver’s daughter.

Regarding whether he had suffered tensions for not achieving an “ideal” bond with her, he explained: “I did not experience it like that. I always wanted to assemble and it’s not easy. They were children of different ages… There is exposure… We never had a discussion with us.”

Jorge, Morena and Rocío Rial, Romina Pereiro and their daughters
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“I was always clear about how things were and I never tried to put myself in the stepmother’s place. I tried to let them know that they counted on me, but from the place that corresponds to me and with clear things, “he explained about the relationship with Morena and Rocío Rial. “We never all live together. More already lived in Córdoba, “she recalled.

“I don’t think my relationship with them had anything to do with the separation from Jorge. I remember them fondly. Everything is fine and I would never say anything bad about Jorge’s girls. We tried to be a family and that’s it,” he said bluntly.

Jorge Rial and his grandson, Francesco

He also assured that he had no idea why he had not managed to cultivate a good relationship with Rocío and Morena. “I don’t know… I felt that at some point there was a wave… When Fran was born we accompanied each other a lot. I felt it my grandson“She concluded about her relationship with her ex-husband’s daughters.

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