rosalia (30) and rauw alejandro (30) would have separated after three years of relationship and after getting engaged. The pop singer met the artist in 2019, when they both attended the Latin Grammy Awards in the city of Las Vegas, and since then they have lived an intense love story.

The news was confirmed by People and People in spanish, where they assured that sources close to the couple assured that the breakup was by mutual agreement. During the last months, the couple kept their relationship very private.

A few months after confirming his commitment to rauw alejandro, rosalia He provided the first details of how he would like the wedding to be. “It seems there is going to be a wedding. First I have to finish the tour and I’ll get on with the organization. I have things saved. For example, a Vivienne Westwood dress,” the Spanish woman explained about her wedding dress.

Regarding how the celebration was going to be, he assured that it would be “chill, very calm. With the family.” In any case, she also said that they were evaluating doing something more massive, but they were not yet clear on the number of people.

About how the marriage proposal went, rosalia he recalled with great emotion: “He asked me in Puerto Rico at his grandparents’ house, who are in the mountains. The whole town could be seen. There were fireworks and a bell because it was at midnight on New Year’s Eve.”

Then he explained: “We went up to the terrace and he knelt down. I saw that he was looking for something, but the ring box had gotten stuck. When he managed to get it out, he asked me to marry him.. I started crying, of course.”

The Catalan assured that after several tears she was very happy and that she was very excited to perform the ceremony with her partner. “I don’t know how it will be… We still don’t know where we’re going to do it. We’ll have to see,” she said without going into details about the party.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro announced their engagement with a romantic video clip

A few months ago, the musicians released R&Ra collaborative EP, which includes three songs that they themselves described: “They are like phases of love. One has to do with the past, another with the present and another with the future..

For the launch, they did a false direct in which they began to explain the meaning of each song starting with ‘Kiss’, the theme that they accompanied with a video clip where revealed a super intimate moment of the couple.

In the images, the artist appears crying and showing the camera a white gold engagement ring with a set of diamonds that – judging by the red case – could be from Cartier. “Oh, my God. And all the mascara here smeared. I love you”she tells Rauw as she wipes away her tears before giving her husband-to-be a kiss.

“Smoke like you’re going to get kicked out for smoking. / And dance as I know a god would move when dancing. / And you kiss like you’ve always known how to kiss. / And no one had to teach you”sings the Catalan in an emotional video of just over three minutes that is made up of a succession of clips of the couple –some filmed by a third person and others in selfie mode– where we see part of the behind the scenes of the ‘Motomami’ tour, party nights, beach getaways and many moments from their trips to Japan and New York.

The love story of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

The pop singer met her boyfriend in 2019 when they both attended the Latin Grammy Awards in the city of Las Vegas.

Rosalia did not know the reggaeton player very well, but he was her fan and did everything possible to talk to her and get her phone number. During the following months, they began to talk, but the arrival of the Coronavirus made the possibility of seeing each other a little more difficult considering that he lived in Puerto Rico and she in Spain.

Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro were together for three years

Rumors of their close relationship came to light in 2020, but Rosalía strongly denied it. In an interview to Vogue He said: “But imagine, I how? If I compose, I produce, I write lyrics, I write top lines, I play instruments. I swear that to do this, you must use all your senses ”, referring to the fact that starting a relationship was something very complicated with her busy schedule.

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