This week, Rosalía was the victim of the leak of a digitally manipulated image of hers. The Sevillian singer Juan Manuel Cortés, known as JC Reyes, launched a false image of the Catalan on the networks and generated a worldwide scandal. In the last few hours, the singer downloaded her via Twitter.

“Fetch clout (influence) disrespecting and sexualizing someone is a type of violence and it’s disgusting, but doing it for 4 plays of + what gives is shame”, Rosalía wrote on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, implying that the reggaeton singer needs to promote his next single.

In fact, the musician succeeded and celebrates on social networks. On Wednesday morning, almost two days after publishing the image, JC Reyes uploaded a screenshot showing that his name is the most searched for on Twitter and what is being talked about the most.

Rosalía’s strong defense against JC Reyes: “You created a false narrative”

Rosalía located JC Reyes once again sharing on her Twitter profile: “A woman’s body is not public property, it is not merchandise for your marketing strategy. Those photos were edited and you created a false narrative around when I didn’t even know you “.

And he added, between furious and instructive: “There is something called consent and all of us who found it funny or plausible I sincerely hope that one day you will learn that you come from a woman, that women are sacred and that we have to be respected bye“.

Rosalía was a victim of digital manipulation

As the Catalan clarified, there is nothing real in that published image. It is an alleged explicit photo of Rosalía topless. Beyond the post, JC Reyes implied that the two had some kind of relationship and that it was Rosalía herself who had given him that intimate photograph: “The best thing you will see today,” she wrote.

After publication, Spanish fans came out in his defense and denounced the rapper’s behavior on social networks. But he, instead of apologizing and removing the image, decided to justify his behavior. “

To these women who are putting me: ‘What are you doing?’, ‘How disgusting you are’… The girl (Rosalía) can only see her cleavage. Respect, huh?” In addition, he confirmed that the image had been edited by himself with Photoshop and took advantage of the moment to promote his next musical release: “Wait for the next song, it’s called rosalia”.

Another who supported the singer was the Spanish Minister of Equality, Irene Monterowho responded to Rosalía’s publication on her Twitter profile with a “say it queen”, In uppercase. This phrase, along with “say it louder, queen”, is very common in networks and is used to show support for a woman when she defends her rights and her integrity.

It is still unknown if the singer will take legal action after the dissemination of images of her without her consent.

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