Soccer is an unpredictable and emotionally charged sport. That is why it is so sought after by millions of fans around the world who follow their passion for the game, supporting the team that best represents their particular tastes. The hooligans or the brave bars are proof of this, although his performances are often far from sports.

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And it is that if those who watch the game from the stands or the media see each action as their own, not to mention the 22 athletes who earn a living with each match on the court. A variety of emotions that is expressed with each goal cry, dribble and tackle.

However, moments may occur in which feelings win over reason, causing somewhat unfortunate events that generate the discomfort of the public, the governing bodies of football and unleash acts of violence.

That being the case, we showSome of the disproportionate celebrations that caused outrage in the world of football.

Giorgio Katidis

The celebration of Giorgio Katidis remained in the history of international sports due to the harsh sanction imposed on the player by the Hellenic Football Federation after he gave the Nazi salute after scoring a goal.

The event happened in 2013, during a match between AEK Athens and Veria FC. Katidis’ goal gave the capital team the victory, with five minutes remaining to end the match. The fact led to him being banned for life from the Greek team and banned from competing for an entire year.

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Orlando Berrio

Atlético Nacional was playing the move to the semifinal of the Copa Libertadores de América against Rosario Central. The return match was received by the ‘purslane’ at the Atanasio Girardot with an adverse score of one goal for nil.

The situation worsened when the Argentine team scored in Medellín and forced the Paisa team to convert three goals, since the goal difference still existed in CONMEBOL tournaments. LThe goals came, but with it a pitched brawl between the two teamsafter the goal of Berrio’s pass to the semifinals.

The man from Cartagena celebrated the goalkeeper disproportionately in the face Sebastian Sosa, which provoked the reaction of the then team led by ‘Chacho’ Caudet. According to posthumous statements to the meeting, Berrio stated that he did it because the Argentinian goalkeeper allegedly told you racist comments.

Carlos Tevez

Argentine Superclassic River-Boca, 2004. Carlos Tévez tied the game with a goal at minute 88. Immediately afterwards, he took off his shirt and began to make the gesture of a chicken, with his elbows tucked in and moving up and down, to provoke the cross fans.

The fact generated that the referee of the match made the decision to expel himbut the criticism came in the media, where they stated that the ‘apache’ took a challenging attitude that could have caused serious problems among the barras bravas.

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Robby Fowler

That April 3, 1999, will remain in the memory of the sport forever. The city classic was played between Liverpool and Everton. throughout the match the ‘blue’ fans treated a controversial Robbie Fowler as a drug addict, who stood out for his quality on the foot, but also for his night escapades.

The striker scored one of the two goals he scored in that match from a penalty, went to the end line and made a gesture that provoked all kinds of reactions, as He pretended to smell a line of cocaine over the lime limit. When he got up, he celebrated the goal again, but this time against the stands full of ‘Toofies’ fans.

A decade later, he assured that he did not regret it in statements to the ‘FourFourTwo’ program: “Not at all. Everton fans attacked me a lot during that game. I knew what I was doing. I did not care. It was a chance to finish after the abuse I suffered.”

The fact led to a sanction of 34 thousand pounds (200 million pesos at today’s currency exchange rate) and four sanction dates.


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