Recently, Bruce Willis (68) and Demi Moore (60) they became grandparents. Eight days after her birth, Rumer Willis (34) decided to present -through social networks- a Louettahis first daughter.

The baby – fruit of the relationship that the actress has with the producer Derek Richard Thomas– was born at home on April 18. “You are pure magic, more than we ever dreamed“, wrote rummer next to the presentation photo.

The first photo of Louetta Thomas Willis.

In the post – which had millions of likes – there was no lack of grandmother’s comment, who was extremely excited by her arrival. “Pure love for this little bird“, commented Demi Moore in the post.

Following the same line, Tallulah Willis (29) -sister of rummer– confessed: “Hello my little petal. We miss you so much for so long. I will love you every moment of every day! Your crazy aunts are obsessed with you“.

The news of the pregnancy

The pregnancy -which was announced in December- was also confirmed through social networks. On that occasion, rummer He shared photos where he was seen in an advanced process.

On that occasion, Demi Moore She also joined in the festivities, sharing her daughter’s photo and stating that she was “entering her era as a crazy and deranged grandmother.”

Rumer announced that she was pregnant with a photo on social networks.

Bruce Willis’s health

years ago, Bruce Willis was diagnosed with Aphasia, a type of linguistic disorder. this condition put a definitive end to his acting career and made the family stay even closer.

However, it was recently discovered who has frontotemporal dementia, a brain disorder that affects people’s behavior. Although they have been divorced for decades, it was From my Moore -the mother of three of her daughters- who gave the sad news of the diagnosis through her social networks.

Bruce suffers from a cruel disease that many of us have never heard of and can affect anyone.. For people under the age of 60, it’s the most common form of dementia, and because it can take years to get diagnosed, FTD is likely much more common than we know.”

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