Sabrina Rojas and Tucu Lopez They are definitely reconciled. Despite the fact that in the last four months there had been some back and forth due to his alleged infidelity, in the last few hours they appeared together on social networks and cleared up all kinds of doubts.

Touring Tucumán with the family

The couple traveled to Tucuman with Hope and Fausto, the children that the actress had with Luciano Castro. In instagram, they shared entertaining family moments -taking advantage of the boys’ winter vacations- and they already put together a thousand plans to visit places that, in previous visits, they could not know. The actress and the television host visited his native province and published romantic postcards from the trip.

The presence of the little ones is a clear indicator that the impasse is part of the past and that reconciliation is absolutely formal. Apparently, the four of them shared each other’s company again. In the epigraph of the publication they wrote “A little bit of Tucuman

Unfortunately, not everything was rosy because Sabrina He was heavily criticized by his followers. “So much so that you did not even bank on the rumor and in the end you are one more cuckold, I thought you had conviction and your word” and “Man never changes, he only gets scared and pauses for a while” were two comments that criticized her.

Sabrina Rojas and Tucu López on their getaway in Tucumán.

However, there were also people who were happy for the return of the couple and celebrated the love. “If you love each other, you have to go ahead”, “I bet so much on you” and “Beautiful family all 4 together”, wrote other users of instagram.

Sabrina Rojas recalled her separation from Luciano Castro

A few days ago, the actress went to the Fer Dente program and there she remembered a sad anecdote about when she separated from the father of her children. The driver asked her to choose a theme – as she normally does on the show – and she explained why she chose it: “It’s a very new song, but when I heard it, I started crying because it talks about love and it can be transferred to any link. In the video, you see her recently separated, packing up her house and me, who went through a separation, with children who have to understand that mom and dad separated. That life is not the same,” she explained excitedly.

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