The renowned singer Sandra Mihanovich was a guest at Al Dente Nightprogram of America TV. Under the driver’s questions, Fernando Dente, The artist revealed an unknown aspect of her personality for many. She assured that she is “accumulator”

“Is it true that you have OCD?” Dente consulted in a back and forth of questions with the singer. “TI have OCD, it’s hard for me to throw things away, I don’t like to throw anything away. Everything seems to me that it can be transformed into something or that I can give it some use, so it’s hard for me to throw it away “ started explaining.

“Marita wants to kill me, but she got used to it a bit. I have my accumulating spaces, my desk and the garage, besides I really like the recycling theme so I separate the waste, but it takes me a while until I take it away” he assured between laughs.

Then closed: “On the one hand I have the glass, the cardboard, the plastic, all separated. But I don’t have a little thing that says the name of each one, everything is more or less arranged in the garage. Yesterday Carlos my friend cartonero came and I gave him everything what I had in store”.

María Leal recalled her romance with Sandra Mihanovich and spoke of the discrimination she suffered

A few months ago Mary Loyal surprised to reveal the romance he lived with Sandra Mihanovich. They were six passionate years that no doubt will forget. But that this has been made public generated a wave of negative comments that the actress spoke of in a recent interview.

“At the bottom of every Argentine there is a mataputo and matatorta”, said bluntly in dialogue with Catherine Dlugui in “Hold on Catalina” by La Once Ten.

“I never had the closet closed, I lived my life as I wanted, accepting and respecting my desire and I think that today things have changed a lot, but the reality is that at the bottom of every Argentine, there is a mataputo and matatorta”, ithe artist insisted.

Although he stated that acts of discrimination continue to occur, he acknowledged that “there is INADI and a lot of militancy, but I realize that deep down they continue to talk about the issue with a lot of prejudice, basically everything remains the same” the actress closed.

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