Last Monday, the singer Sandra Mihanovich was a special guest in the program hosted by Fernando Dente by America TV, Night al Dente. Overnight, Sandra reviewed his life and also participated in the album of your life, a small section of the program where they hear songs that were very significant.

One of the chosen songs was meeting zambahis brother’s Vane Mihanovichy moved everyone talking about the relationship they have. “Vane is my brother and my partner in music. He came to life two years after me and we have gone through everything together, we have sent each other to shit… many times, we have fought many times, but with music it is very strong. I admire him a lot” assured the artist.

He then went on to talk about his brother, highlighting various aspects of his personality. “Vane wrote many songs, but when I heard ‘I want to find my place’ I cried a lot. It’s an incredible song and he is an incredible guy. The fat man is very proposition to meet and if this song is frequent, he accompanied me all my life “ Sandra closed.

Sandra Mihanovich could not hold back her tears when remembering César Mascetti

Sandra Mihanovich confessed what her OCD is.  photo social networks
Sandra Mihanovich talked about her relationship with her brother

Singer Sandra mihanovich remembered the

letter he read the day he died Cesar Mascetti. It had been written by the journalist days before his death. The artist could not contain her emotion and she cried when she remembered what happened.

We have to see the letter that Sandra read. Did you read it many times?” asked him Juana Viale, driver. That was the beginning for the artist to remember what happened. “Correct. I read it many times because when César was about to leave, the nurse came and told me ‘César asked me to give you this’“, revealed mihanovich.

“Then I received that in a spiral notebook, handwritten, which is still on Tata’s desk, looking at the river… I read it many times, I cried. I read it to mom many times and kept crying, until the time came ”he added, before watching the video. After seeing the images, the artist could not hold back her tears.

The theme of duty. With the satisfaction of the duty accomplished. Cesar did the countryside, they invested because they wanted it to be pleasant. But he warned mom that she wanted him to be productive-pleasurable. And there 50 people working there. It is a paradisiacal place, but from the earth, the life, of the plants. of the work To honor the work”cthe singer was wrong.

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