Sandra Reyes, well-known Colombian television actress made a revelation that left several people astonished, after talk about a life experience he would have had with beings from another planet.

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experience with aliens

It was on the show Good morning, Colombia of the Chanel RCN, when the Bogotá actress explained that some time ago had contact with aliens and explained that “one day very soon they will appear.”

The conversation began when the 47-year-old actress was talking about beings from another planet and a book she read to better understand the existence of aliens.

Pedro the Scaled was starred by Miguel Varoni and Sandra Reyes.

Long ago I got on a ship, they took me on a ship

Sandra affirmed how some time ago he ‘got on a ship’ and met these beings, affirming that it is a subject that he touches without the intention of “generating fear” or common panic.

“Long ago I got on a ship, they took me to a ship. At the time I didn’t quite understand it, but now I realize it was real. I thought it was like some kind of dream And who was going to believe me ”, he began explaining.

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The actress who starred as Paula Dávila in the telenovela ‘Pedro el scaloso’, revealed on the Colombian morning show that the aliens who had surprised her since “they were transparent” and some were not “so cool”, but made it clear that “they have always been here” on planet earth.

In addition, the artist who appeared in series such as ‘Nurses’, ‘Nobody is eternal in the world’ and ‘Paradise Travel’ explained that the ship where he was left the planet, because he saw ‘a strange atmosphere’.

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I know we were in a place that I don’t think was Earth because it had, like, a weird atmosphere.

“I know we were in a place that I don’t think was Earth because it had this weird, different atmosphere. I don’t know. And we went into a tunnel inside the Earth. I do not remember what happened there, I am not aware of it, “he revealed.

Finally, Sandra Reyes pointed out that after the encounter with the aliens started reading and learning more about this topic to understand his experience. The actress born in Bogotá bought the book ‘The rescue of the Earth’ to learn more about these beings and decipher the meaning of their experience.


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