With the revolution that generated Big Brother on social media, fans are eager for the premiere of the next season of the reality show. In an interview for THE M, Santiago del Moro He revealed that they are already putting together the next edition and was surprised by the interest of the public. Also, I’m talking about master chef and the new leadership Wanda Nara.

“Last night I saw a bit of Masterchef, I was on vacation and had not seen it, I love the program, I love the boys and Wanda too, I have the best” started explaining. Then he talked about the alleged retweets of the businesswoman where he assures that she is a better driver than him: “Ask her about that, not me. I don’t answer things that I don’t say, nor do I care” sentenced.

Regarding Big Brother, Santiago assured that he was surprised with the impact of the program on the public. “What happened with Big Brother was spectacular, we are very happy. It was a program that surpassed me, I did not think it would have the impact it had, it was a program that had to come out every day and there are things that depend on you how the work you do on the air and then everything that is generated in the program, was not just a television program but something that crossed a lot of limits”.

He then explained that some modifications are expected in the 2023 edition. “As the editions go by, things from other places that we have not seen will be implemented.”. And he closed by explaining: “There are three times more registered at this point than the previous time. Big Brother is a format that the world has never stopped, so what we did in this first edition is to go to the most conventional, because there is a generation or two that did not know the format and they took over“.

Santiago del Moro mentioned possible changes that will be made in the next Big Brother

Through his personal Instagram account, the driver Santiago del Moro He published a message, in which he shows that the reality show, Big Brother 2023 is getting closer to appearing on TV again. “Toasting and thanking for Big Brother. See you very soon. something GIANT is comingwrote the driver and uploaded an image where three glasses of champagne can be seen.

Post by Santiago Del Moro.  Photo screenshot
Post by Santiago Del Moro. Photo screenshot

Furthermore, in THE Mdriver, brito angel he mentioned what he meant Santiago del Moro when talking about a Big Brother “Giant“.They are going to try things that have been done in Australia, Denmark and Brazil,” began clarifying.

During the program, they reviewed some “tools” that they implemented in the editions of those countries: “In Brazil there was a red button, which the participants could touch at any time to leave the house. In Denmark they had to fulfill a challenge, which forced the participants to remain immobile for a certain time”.

Finally, Angel gave the scoop that since telefe They are evaluating bringing forward the return of the format, which swept the rating numbers and generated audience success in 2022 and the first months of 2023. They are thinking for October or September”, closed the journalist.

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