A few weeks ago, santi talledo (34) visited the ‘Nadie Dice Nada’ studio, responding to a temporary invitation from Nico Occhiato, which lasted for 15 days. But, everything indicates that the ATAV 2 actor became fond of the Luzu TV studio and the audience enjoyed watching him live every day, because this Tuesday his entry as part of the team was made official.

In previous hours, Nico began a campaign as an enigmatic on the networks of his streaming channel, where he announced that a fifth chair was added. That is, that another character from now on he would sit next to him and Nacho Elizalde, Flor Jazmín and Momi Giardinawho entered after the unexpected departure of Nati Jota.

At the beginning of the program on July 4, Occhiato officially presented it: “He joins the fifth chair of Nadie Dice Nada…”, and immediately the camera showed santi talledo and had a reception full of laughter from his companions.

This was the official welcome of Santi Talledo to ‘Nobody Says Nothing’

With his welcome, there was a debate between the members of the streaming program, and they began to talk about alleged theories for “cleaning” someone due to the entry of santi talledo. Thus, as they debated to choose the permanent position that each one will have, now that they have added a new chair.

far from seeming his first day in charge of ‘Nobody Says Nothing’, the ATAV 2 actor felt at home. Well, he had an important preview recently that gives him the stamp to speak properly and to play freely with his teammates.

In fact, today’s program was titled on the YouTube channel: “Find yourself an honest problem with Talledo”, which consisted in the fact that the followers of the program shared some situation by audio and he, as well as his colleagues, gave him their point of view, and even gave them some advice.

Now the fans of santi talledo You can see it daily from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Nico Occhiato show. In his official debut, social networks and streaming comments exploded, welcoming him.

From his popularity with ATAV to the role of driver

santi talledo He not only works as an actor, but is also a director and screenwriter. In the past, he worked at Ugly Ducklinga children’s soap opera that catapulted him to fame with his role as “guy“.

Then he worked on dream with me and other foreign productions. Also, in 2020, santi talledo produced, wrote, directed and starred in Insidea web series that aimed to raise funds for the Argentine Red Cross.

The 14 chapters included the performances of Delphine Chaves, connie island, Sofia Pachano, Santiago Ramundo, albert baro and Mariano Saboridoamong other artists.

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