In recent days, the rumor began to circulate indicating that the marriage of Santo Biasatti and Carolina Fal would have ended. Faced with a wave of confusion and different versions of what happened, the famous journalist offered his word

Although Biasatti has been away from the cameras for a long time and it is not common for him to echo this type of rumor, he flatly denied being in crisis with his wife. “Not true, everything is fine. Thank you very much”were the only words he offered to Primicias now.

On the other hand, Juan Etchegoyen recounted his talk with the journalist: “I just spoke with Saint Biasatti. He categorically denies his separation from Carolina Fal”.

“The only pain we have is that our daughters had a bad time”Santo assured. Then Etchegoyen explained: “It seems that her daughters called her parents’ house worried about the information.”

The crisis versions between Santo Biasatti and Carolina Fal

Caroline Fal (50) and Saint Biasatti (79) began their relationship in 2005. Both became a great enigma in the world of entertainment. Since they began their romance until today, there is no known photo together. After 18 years as a couple, they assure that the love would have ended. The couple have two daughters: Sofia (12 and Lucy (10).

The journalist Augusto “Tartu” Tartúfoli was the one who assured: “The marriage has come to an end.” “Apparently, the one who made the decision was her. The age difference began to take its toll on the couple. Coexistence began to be uncomfortable, so they have reached this determination, “she specified.

It should be noted that when they met, she was 32 years old and he was 61. “Currently she is almost 50 years old and he is 80,” the panelist commented on in the afternoon (America TV). “I know they live in a gated community, but no actual pictures of them“, he specified. For their part, the rest of the panel added that after Santo stopped working daily in the media, being at home every day would have worn down their marriage. In recent years, he has dedicated himself to television production.

Carolina Fal’s life after leaving acting

The actress had an ascending and successful career in the world of acting. She began her profession on TV in 1990 with Treble clef, and participated in Risk Zone, The Golden Rocket Band and Resistiréa successful telenovela for which she won a Martín Fierro for Best Actress.

What is the life of Carolina Fal.  Photo file.
Carolina Fal in her youth.

Two years after beginning her relationship with the famous journalist, Carolina decided to completely move away from show business. According to the information they provided in the program in the afternoon, Fal cut herself off from all of her actress friends and even changed her phone number so she wouldn’t be contacted..

Without giving many clues about her present, it was learned that the actress began studying medicine at the Austral University. She currently works at the Austral Hospital and the Muñíz Hospital. Just like it happened with her partner: no one ever got a picture of her at her work.

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